TuneIn Radio Pro – Best Radio Player for Smartphone

If you will look for radio and music apps in Google Play store you will come across a lot of options to choose from. TuneIn Radio Pro is one of the best music app which you can use on your Android devices. The app is also available for other platforms such as iOS, Windows Phone. Tunein Radio Pro has gone viral on social media and gained popularity because of the amazing features offered by the app. The developers have completely revamped the app for better experience of the listeners with advanced sharing options and personalized content you will just enjoy using this app.

TuneIn Radio Pro - Best Radio Player for SmartphoneTuneIn Radio follows its legacy and that is the option to choose from 100,000 global FM and AM radio stations to listen to. You can rewind the radio station you are listening to, not allowing you to miss anything, record radio stations and lots more. Tunein Radio Pro is different as compared to other radio streaming apps such as Spotify.


TuneIn Radio comes with talk radio and streaming of sporting events which lets you to stay updated with sports. There is one downside about TuneIn Radio and that is you can’t favorite or ban the tracks as per your preference and hence you get less personalized experience. Before we tell you more about the features and what TuneIn Radio Pro can actually do, download TuneIn Radio Pro for your devices from the links shared at the bottom.

Discovering Stations in TuneIn Radio Pro

You can lookout for your favorite radio stations using a couple of options in TuneIn Radio Pro. Simply tap on the Explore icon and you will come across a list of categories in it. Some of the categories which you will find there are News, Technology, Sports.



There are many other categories too which you will find in TuneIn Radio Pro. Don’t know any particular radio station you are looking for, simply enter the keyword you are having in mind and you will be presented with a list of radio stations.

Tap on the home button of your device and you will be presented with a list of local radio stations you can listen to.

Content and Audio Quality

You will find a lot of radio stations whom you might have never heard of before. There is a lot of content present belonging to different categories in TuneIn Radio Pro and you will never run out of options. Subscribing to streaming plans will give you access to live streaming of games which are taking place and will also allow you to listen to podcasts.


The audio quality of TuneIn Radio Pro is amazing. You will get the best sound experience if you are using Bluetooth speakers with your device.

Pros of TuneIn Radio Pro

  • More than 1,000,000 radio stations to choose from.
  • Advertisement free.
  • Record and rewind radio stations.
  • Recommendation of Radio Stations.

Cons of TuneIn Radio Pro

  • Social Features need improvement.
  • Blocked Content.
  • New design is not that impressive.
TuneIn Radio Pro for Android
TuneIn Radio Pro for iOS
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