Android Apps for the Visually Impaired and Blind

The Google Play Store for Android has evolved so much in the recent years that now there are really great Apps for the Visually Impaired people as well.

To help you get a better look at the Android apps that are available for visually impaired people, today we bring you a list of the top 5 Android apps for visually impaired people.

Top 5 Android Apps for Visually Impaired People

  • Eye-DAndroid Apps for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Eye-D or Eye Devices is the best Android app for visually impaired people. The application works as a standalone application that can help to improve the quality of living for visually impaired people by offering some very useful features.

The features of Eye-D are:

Where Am I: Using the “Where Am I” feature, people can know their current location no matter which part of the world they are in. This feature also offers users with a list of nearby landmarks. If you wish to visit any landmark from the list, simply tap on the landmark and the application will offer walking directions to the place with the help of Google Maps.

Around Me: Using this feature people can find useful places like restaurants, ATM, hospitals, bus stops, etc. that are near to their current location. To make sure that the places suggested to the user by the Around Me feature is actually near to them, there is also an option by which users can set the search area anywhere between 500 meters to 5500 meters around them.

Image Recognition: The Eye-D application can also voice assist with details about images if the image is opened within the application. Images can be from either the device gallery or even WhatsApp media.

Text Read Mode: The Text Read Mode allows users to click an image and then have the text in the image read out by the Eye-D application. There is also an option to hear the same text again so that you do not miss out any detail.

See Object Mode: Another useful feature of Eye-D is that it allows users to identify the objects in front of them using the See Object Mode. Simply launch the Eye-D app and use the See Object Mode. The user will be asked to click a picture and objects from the image will be described to in order to let the user know what’s in front.

Download: Eye-D -for visually impaired (Beta)

  • Visually ImpairedAndroid Apps for the Visually Impaired and Blind

This app allows users to access various features of their Smartphone by simply shaking the device. Below are the features of Visually Impaired:

  • The shake sensitivity can be adjusted to user preference and the feature works even when the device is locked and the screen turned OFF.
  • There are three shake modes to choose from: Simple, Advanced, and Pro.
  • When the shake is done, there is also a vibration feedback to let the users know that the feature has been triggered.
  • Read Text mode will read out the text in a picture.

The possible trigger actions using this app are:

  • Make a call to a contact.
  • Control the music player.
  • Launch an application.
  • Switch between Silent/Vibrate/Ring.
  • Switch ON or OFF WIFI/3G/Screen Rotation/Bluetooth/Flashlight/GPS/Speaker/Auto-Brightness/Flight Mode.

Download: Visually Impaired

  • Be My EyesAndroid Apps for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Be My Eyes is a community where people who can see come together to help visually impaired people and the working of the application is very simple.

People who can see can be volunteers and help people who are visually impaired. Visually impaired people can request help from volunteers using the application and the request is immediately forwarded to the volunteers.

A live video and audio connection are established between the visually impaired person and the first volunteer who accepts the request. The rear camera of the visually impaired person will start working as soon as the connection is established.

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The volunteer then can help out the person by providing voice guidance through whatever help they need.

There is also a feature available in the app wherein visually impaired people can select the languages they speak so that when a help is required, the notification goes to volunteers who speak the same language.

Download: Be My Eyes – Helping the blind

  • Blind CommunicatorAndroid Apps for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Blind Communicator is a free and open source launcher for Android that is very much helpful for visually impaired people. The application is compatible with Google TalkBack and offers voice feedback whenever any action happens on the Smartphone.

Below are the features of Blind Communicator:

  • Simple application tray that can be navigation by sliding up or down.
  • To select an option, simply slide right on the option.
  • Type a message using either Google TalkBack keyboard or by using the voice recognition feature of the application.
  • Slide Up/Down to answer/end a call.
  • This launcher also allows users to access all basic functions of a Smartphone like setting an alarm, play/pause music, create/delete contacts, make phone calls/SMS, browse the web, etc.

Download: Blind Communicator

  • Eye+Eye + (For Blind & Visually impaired) (Beta)

Eye+ is another application specifically designed for visually impaired people. The application features sets of 4 big buttons that are evenly spaced throughout the screen which helps users to use different features of their Smartphone.

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The buttons also feature audio feedback and help along with vibration feedback to let users know what feature that is going to access and when they access them.

Below are the highlight features of Eye+:

  • Just shaking the device will launch the app.
  • There are two user modes: Beginner, and Advanced.
  • Write messages with voice recognition.
  • All normal Smartphone functions are supported.

Download: Eye + (For Blind & Visually impaired) (Beta)

Final Words

The Android apps for the visually impaired people are some of the best applications for Android available in the Google Play Store and also all the applications are absolutely free to download and install on any supported Android device.