Smart Tools – Multipurpose App For Smartphone

If we look back a couple of years we used to carry calculator, dividers and other tools to our Maths, Physics classes for daily work. With the advancement in mobile app development, you can use calculator, testing and measurement tools on your Android devices. Smart Tools is another Android app which you can use for measuring distance, angles and lot more. Smart Tools is a premium app and is available for different mobile platforms.

Smart Tools - Multipurpose App For Smartphone When you open the app you will come across all the tools which you can use under the app. The tools which you will find under smart tools are calipers, rulers, three set of protectors, tape measure, spirit level, distance measure, magnetometer, compass, contact vibrometer, flashlight and much more. You can even purchase other tools such as smart ruler Pro and smart meter pro which are available for Rs 50 in the app.

In the smart tools app you will get six free tools to use. The tools which you will get can be founded below.

  • A ruler
  • Three Protectors
  • Thread Pitch Gauge
  • Spirit Level

If you are thinking that you can measure the length of any object even if it is bigger than the screen of your device in one go you are wrong. To measure an object who is bigger than your screen, you can divide it and then measure it with the help of the ruler.


If you want to measure any angle you can hold your screen along the protector 1 and drag it to the guideline until you reach the object. You can measure slope with the help of protector 2 which is known as clinometer. Hold the phone and incline it towards the slope for measuring it using the protector 2. Protector 3 is known as goniometer which will help you in measurement of angle of real world where you can’t swipe your phone, here you can use the camera for that purpose.



If you want to measure angles at night you can tap on the protector to switch the color off and the screen will be turned to white. For using level gauge simply keep your phone on the surface and you will measure the flatness.

Smart Measure Pro

With the help of smart measure Pro, you can easily measure distance in terms of feet or metres. You can also measure both height and width of the object using this feature. The maximum distance which you can measure using this tool is 100 feet which is pretty amazing.

Smart Compass Pro

Smart compass Pro will display metrics like latitude, longitude, pitch, roll by using the earth’s magnetic field. Simply place it to set it to point to north direction and you can also turn on the rear camera for checking the background. Share your location details using Bluetooth, or e-mail under smart compass pro feature.


We hope this app is helpful for you when you are attending your college or when you are at the field. Use this app and please share your review with us.

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