Top 5 Educational App for Android SmartPhone

Well, education is the most important tool to move ahead in life. It is solely responsible for the betterment of any individual and also of the progress of the society.

Apart from putting forth the necessity of education we would also be discussing about the education through recreation. In this modern times, the smartphones or the android devices, has a significant position in our day to day lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we could also teach our kids using this important device that plays such a significant role in our day to day lives?

The following 5 Educational App for Android are going to do the exact thing for you.

iTooch 8th Grade language Arts – for the 8th graders

iTooch 8th Grade Language Arts is brought to you by edupad. It is one of the Best Educational App that you can find on the Google Playstore. The best part of this application is that it has over 1500 activities for the students. It is also one of the most recreational and fun way to learn the language arts.

 itooch 8th grade

This application is having the largest amount of educational worksheets for the young learners. If you must know, the educational worksheets are solely based on the US National Common Core Standards on Google Play for the Middle School.

This application is indeed one of the best applications and is already being used by over 3 million users. This application indeed provides the best methods and the comprehensive ways which not only urge the parents but also the teachers and the students to identify the necessary requirements for studying in a recreational and motivational way.

This application is having a comprehensive, plain and a user friendly interface which helps the children to learn with excitement and fun. It also keeps them busy. It has its very own multiplayer management system. You can as well adjust the font size to suit yourself as well. Even most of the parents and kids love this app.

One of the best things of this application is also the feature of “lesson summary” at the end of every chapter so that your kid can quickly summarize the lesson whenever he/she finishes a chapter.

My Alphabook – Because the next step would be the important step

My Alphabook is indeed the very next step for your child education. This application is basically for the young child. Help him to learn his first alphabets and the number system. You can, with the help of this application, be able to teach your child all the letters and the numbers from directly hearing from you. You can even teach him to associate all the letters and the numbers with the images that you like.

my alphabookSO whenever your child would be presented or shown the screen that contains the letters or the numbers he needs to give a touch to the screen so that a colouring effect is produced and a particular recording will be played to him. It is always up to your discretion as to how you wish to set the colour and recording for the educational purpose of your child.

So you get the chance to select any letter or any number you get the privilege to customize the recording. The recording can be both male and female. You can just select on the screen whether to play the male voice or the female voice or both the voices randomly.

You can even change the images related to each letter or each number.

With the new versions you also need not worry about the “blurred images” in the larger screens or the layout issues on the tablets.


Math Claw Machine: Sweet Games for the sweet people

Well if you have ever dreamt that mathematics can actually take you to a fantasy world which is full of sweets, candies and amazing surprises then this application Math Claw Machine is the ultimate dream come true application for you. It is going to show you the wonders that you have ever thought of.                     

Math claw There is a sweet game and also a cool math game for the kids and the adults. So with the combination of all these variations the game turns out to be as much as interesting as it can be. You can be rest assured that this application is ultimately going to make the maths appear cooler, easier and much more interesting.

So what can you expect from this game? Well to be sure you are going to visit many new places that you may have never seen before. If you are having some good mathematical skills then you are going to the amazing Candyland. You would also get the chance to experience the adventures that are going to come to your way after you collect the candies and answer correctly all the tasks that would be provided to you. Some of the amazing places that you would be visiting are the Chocoland, Cookieland and the Jellyland along with the gummy bears.

It is indeed quite interesting given the fact that almost “every destination” that you undertake is going to bring something amazing and new to you.

Plague Inc.- a super realistic game

Plague indeed is an interesting game but it is also quite serious and a realistic game. It is usually praised for its terrific graphics and stupendous mix of superior strategy and simulation as well. All these factors make the game a must try for you.


It has even won the Best tablet game of 2012. It undoubtedly has brought a revolution in the world of mobile gaming and has pushed the limits of mobile gaming to a superior level. The game is quite innovative and unique as well.

The plot revolves around a particular pathogen which has just infected the “Patient Zero”. Your sole purpose is to bring the overall death of humanity by unleashing a deadly plague. In the meantime you also need to adapt to any cure which might fail your plan.

It ideally teaches you about the 12 different disease types along with the different strategies. It is a high-tech game which is surely going to interest you. It also teaches you about the real life scenarios.

Booksy: Learn to read platform

This particular application called Booksy is basically for the kids between 4-9 years of age. This particular application was made keeping in mind to develop the reading skills of the kids who fall in between this age group.


This application is best known for providing support and morality boost to the students. You would be amazed to see how your kid lightens up after they are successful in reading by themselves and gain there independence.

It is loved by both the students and their parents for the amazing help it provides.