Free Alarm Clock App for Android, Windows 7/8 PC & Mac

Alarm Clocks are the one of the most important things in our day to day lives. For the last few centuries Alarm Clocks have played a very major role in the morning times in waking up the people.

Continuing further with all the positive aspects of the alarm clocks they have also been included in the mobile phones. Nowadays we also have the mobile phone apps precisely for the alarm clocks, all thanks to the ever advancing technology.

Below we are providing a list of the five most used “Alarm Clock Apps” by the users.

Wave Alarm – the most preferred app

Wave Alarm is the first one in our list. It is one of the most used and famous application in the list of the android devices. It is quite unique and is simply above the average alarm clocks.

wave alarmIt uses its own method of waking up the people called the Motion Control Technology. As the name goes, from now on you simply need not touch the cell phone to put the alarm off or to snooze it, you simply can wave your hand off the alarm and that would either silence or snooze the alarm for you. Isn’t it amazing? Now no more you have to you have to find your way into the dark to the device to turn of the irritating alarm. All you need to do is to pass a simple gesture and the alarm will silence off.

So Wave alarm is basically a new wave in the alarm clock technologies. Using the advanced and superior technology called the MCT you can easily turn off the alarm without the necessity to touch it.

Let us also describe some of the other features of the Wave Alarm

  • The app is having its very own modern interface which is indeed beautiful.
  • You have the facility of both the analog and the digital features.
  • This application is also going to show you the Real Time weather.
  • The alarm sounds quite gentle and you can wake up normally.

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Wake Voice – vocal alarm clock – US$ 2.99

It was a “happy moment” writing about the feature of this particular alarm clock app. Nobody could ever imagine that technology has moved so fast and so rapidly. WakeVoice is a unique kind of application in its own terms.          


Not only it is the best way to wake up in the morning times but you also get the taste of the technology while you wake up. It indeed provides you with some amazing features, features that you could have never imagined will be coming from your morning alarm.

The best thing about this application is that you simply need not make any type of physical gestures to stop it. You can just interact with your very own voice. One simple “Stop” and the alarm will go off then and there itself.

While you are on the verge of waking up hear your phone informing about the weather, horoscope, news and also any personalized messages. You get all those news while you are still on your bed, lying there cosy and warm. The application also has the ability to tur on the radio for you so that you can start off your day with your favourite tune. You can be rest assured that when you are using this app, you are never going to get up tired or angry.

Warmly – where the morning offers you a warm reception

Warmly, yes that’s what it feels like when you wake up to Warmly in the morning. You simply wake -up to the calm music and soothing sound of the nature. It might also be of something that you enjoy like cooking your breakfast or the brewing of the coffee.


warmly All you need to do is to just set the time to wake up. The application will itself decide everything in advance to wake you up in a splendid way.

So waking up has never been so magical, Warmly will be playing all the ambient sounds and also the forecast of the weather just few minutes before the alarm is going about to go off. The alarm first starts on an easy note and gradually raises its volume in a soothing way so that you can wake up peacefully.

It basically plays all the motivational music to you. It also comes with some of its unique features. While the alarm starts it takes nearly 5 minutes to slowly fade away. It also has its comprehensive notification in order to let you know when the alarm is set. If you must know, the particular model is actually the suggested site for the android models. There might even be a possibility that you may not like it.

Timely Alarm Clock – to wake you up timely

Timely Alarm Clock is brought to you by the bitspin. It is also one of the most beautiful alarm clocks for the android devices. It comes with its own beautiful and comprehensive user interface. It has its own unique technology called the Cloud Integration in order to back up and synchronise all your alarms with various other devices as well.

timelyWith this beautiful application, setting up of alarm has never been this easy. All you need to do is to swipe at the edge of the screen of your device. You can simply set the desired time by just dragging a bar. You can even tap in order to make an adjustment of 5 minutes.

While you wake you get to hear the hand crafted, high quality tunes which basically enhances the waking up experience.

You can even connect, manage and dismiss the alarms on every device with the power of Timely. The Cloud Synchronization technology provides a seamless connection to every device whether smartphones or the androids. You can also use this amazing application in your tablet as well.

This application also features some amazing animations, recurring alarms as well the adaptive snoozing facility as well. You must surely give this application a try.

Funny Alarm Ringtones – just for a smile to wake up

Funny Alarm Ringtones is the last one in our list. Every other alarm applications that we have already mentioned before are going to wake you up peacefully but this is the only application which is going to wake you happily i.e. with a smile on your face.

funny All you need to do is to install this application on your device, explore thoroughly and set the funniest tone for your alarm. The alarm is surely going to wake you up happily.

Moreover you can also set the particular alarms as your ringtones for the phone calls, sms or the notifications as well. You can even place all your favourite tunes in a particular folder obviously after you have listened to all the tracks by yourself. You can share this app to your friends if you like this application.

Free Alarm Clock Apps for Windows/Mac OS/ iOS