Best Productivity Apps for Android SmartPhone

Remember the good old days?  It was just about a decade ago that the mobile phones used to be so simple. People used to use the mobile phones for the sole purpose of communicating with their near ones. It was quite unimaginable that there can be any other features in a mobile phone.

Slowly the scenario changed. The mobile phones evolved. The phones got so many features one by one. Amidst all these occurrences slowly but steadily came the Smart Phone revolution, as if the Smart Phones are the most evolved among the cell phones.

With the passing years millions of applications have been developed for the purpose of the Smartphones. Finally we got the new age mobile device, which is also called the Android device, with every attractive and useful features that can be imagined. All these applications, apart from the ones that are bundled, have made the Android devices so useful that it is quite difficult to imagine a life without the Android Devices. The Android Phones are nothing less than the modern day computer systems in any ways.

So let us discuss the top 10 Productivity Apps for Android Smartphone.

Evernote – taking notes has never been easier

Evernote is the first one in our list. It is one of the “Best Productivity Apps for Android” devices using which you can take down notes of every type. The notes may be some short lists or they may be even a part of a detailed documentation.

EvernoteOnce you are done with writing down the note you can then access it form almost anywhere i.e. from any device. You can easily take down the handwritten notes or collect any articles of your choice from the internet. It helps you greatly to keep all the documents in one place. Using its powerful search you can get access to your notes.

Let us summarize the best features of this application:

  • So using this device you can easily take down notes in the best way possible. It has been aptly described as the cleanest workspace.
  • This application also helps you to be organized since it keeps all your valuable documents in one place which you can access from anywhere.
  • Once the documents are in Evernote you can easily have a quick access to them.
  • If suppose you are suddenly struck with any ideas you can easily jot them down using the very application.

OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF – the PCMAG award winning application

OfficeSuite 8 has rightly received the PCMAG as well as the GOOGLE PLAY EDITORS’ choice award winner.

office suit 8This application will easily let you to create, edit and view the Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. This application also provides you with the feature to convert any of your documents to the PDF. It is indeed one of the application which is very rich in the feature.

  • This very application is installed in over 160 million devices. It is being used by the people from over 205 countries.
  • It is also the no. 1 app in the Google Play’ Business Category.
  • Using the updated user interface you can have a seamless transition between your computer and your mobile device.
  • It is known for its amazing feature of the PDF camera scanning. Using this you can export all your files to PDF.
  • It is available in over 56 languages.

MailBox – both for Android and iOS

MailBox is also one of the Best Productivity Apps for Android. Mailbox is also available in iOS. It is incredibly fast and a fun mobile inbox exclusively for you. Finally this application helps you to solve your problem of keeping your emails in space.         

MailboxIt is surely going to make your emails quite fast and mobile friendly as well. It has the special ability to learn from all your swipes to automate some of the common actions.

Some of the best features of this application is its smart User Interface and also the attractive features. Using this you can also attach files for any types.

CloudMagic Email – works with any account

For your information CloudMagic Email is actually the Winner of the Internet’s Highest honour from the Webby Awards People’s Voice.

cloudmagicThis app nearly works with almost every online accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud Apps and even Office 365.

Using its powerful feature like “Custom Folder Sync” settings you can just synchronise all the folders that are important to you. You even get the notifications for the emails in the folders. You also get the complete support for the Microsoft Exchange.


Dropbox –a powerful free service for you

Dropbox is indeed a very special application. It offers you a complete “free service” to bring all your media file as well as the documents from anywhere and from any devices. Once you install this application into your computer and add any file to it, the file will be available to all the computers and even in your android device. 

DropboxYou can be completely assured that even if somehow you lose your android device the files that are in the Dropbox are never going to get lost.

Business Calendar Pro – the advanced way to look at the calendars

Business calendar proBusiness Calendar Pro is an application that has been developed by the Appgenix software. This is actually the pro version of the Business Calendar.

It is the application with its highest standard of being the complete and best calendar app. Some of the feature that it offers are:

  • Quick Day view so that you can quickly view the ongoing days event and all.
  • In order to access to all the Calendars you can use the Favourite Bar
  • There are also plenty of Custom views along with the widget.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

This particular application called TeamViewer basically provides you with an easy and completely fast access to your Windows, Linus as well as the Mac systems. If you must know then TeamViewer has already been downloaded to some 20 million computers worldwide.

TeamViewerUsing this, TeamViewer, you can easily gain access to your computers even remotely. It also gives you the facility to be in touch with your “Clients” on the go.

You can even have effortlessly access your computers behind any firewall or any kind of proxy server. It has this brilliant feature of intuitive touch and control gestures.

Contacts + – send free messages

Have you ever wondered of any app for all your contacts and text messaging facility in one place? Well finally we have Contacts+ now. It is the one particular app where you can send free text messages even without having the need to switch to apps.

Contacts+It is the best way to connect with the loved ones you care about. It also gives you the feature of Android Wear Support.

Some of the best features includes its contact design along with its integrated dialler facility. You can even navigate all your contact addresses from the profiles itself.

You can even make a Quick Call just by pressing the contact pic from all your contact screen.

Buffer – share your experiences easily

Buffer is the best and the easiest way to share your happenings to your social accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

bufferYou can just programme it to schedule your updates at the necessary times even if you are not around. You can even create your awesome content with Buffer which you can easily share with your friends and also with your followers.

Battery Doctor – to increase your battery output

Battery Doctor is a free application for your purpose. It is a battery saver application and can save the battery of your Android device to up to 50% by inspecting the applications that is more prone to drain your battery life.        

Battery DoctorThis application is quite professional and it ideally supports about 19 languages. With the help of this application you can simply find the particular application which is actually consuming more battery power of your android device.

It can also accurately estimate your remaining Battery Time. While it is installed in your device it can disable any unnecessary app which can “drain your battery”. It also has the power to kill the apps when the screen is off.