HEXLOCK – A Must To Have Security App For Android Users


Every android smart user wants to keep their information out of sight of people with wrong intentions. Fortunately, there are hundreds of apps available in Google play store, but we all want the best ones. Here is a comprehensive review about the best android security app that is having variety of features for all. The name of the app is HEXLOCK.

HEXLOCK - A Must To Have Security App For Android Users

This app focuses on preventing your sensitive data from leaking. With this app, you can also restrict apps and services, which you never want your kids to explore in their sensitive ages. This app is free to use and easy to download. It also gives you a tool, which you can use according to your preferences to lock your devices. This is a cool app. and every android user must have it.

How to get the App?

 You just need to visit Google play and be stated. Download Hexlock app, they will ask you pattern or PIN. Today this is a common type of security feature used. You must choose one of them as it is naturally keep your info safe. The app utilizes a profile system. You can lock certain apps. Work profile is the default one. There are other profiles, which you can choose and also make new ones.

What user like about HEXLOCK

There are a variety of things, which users like about this app such as easy approach of locking apps. There are no confusing privacy policies. This app presents like a simple tool you use to keep your younger ones safe. Another thing that users like about it is that it keeps all your idiot friends away from your apps and social media profiles. For little ones you have another profile to keep them away from sensitive content. With a variety of features, still this app manages to have simple interface.

Best features of HEXLOCKBest features of HEXLOCK

  • Lock all the apps you don’t want others to access on your device
  • Choose different  profiles  to secure your apps
  • When you switch on wifi it automatically changes profile
  • Simple to use interface
  • Pattern and pin locking style available
  • Other people cannot uninstall this pap
  • Keeps your little ones away from the sensitive apps on your devices

Profile features in details


A Must To Have Security App For Android Users

With this app you can set six profiles and lock apps you want in each profiles. Depending upon your location you can activate safe profiles. The person holding your device will never be able to access your apps and sensitive information that you want to keep secret. The six profiles are

  • School
  • Café
  • Home
  • Work
  • Parental
  • Party

 You can edit icons and names or delete the entire profile and make your own.


  • Users can create their own profiles
  • Does not irritate users with pushy apps  or app suggestions
  • Works with fingerprint future on some of the Samsung devices
  • Very easy to use app


  • Fingerprint sensor is not available for all devices
  • Icons shortage

Overall users have given very good ratings to all the features of this app. Everything works quite well and users enjoy a huge peace of mind when they are having HEXLOCK app installed in their devices. You can easily and safely download the app from the Google Play Store.

Ratings out of five

  • Speed (four stars):- very easy and quick to set up. It is a speedy app
  • Theme (4 stars):- there is a material design, which looks quite nice. There are no complaints
  • Features (4 stars):- this app is going to give exactly all the features it says. People who take privacy seriously find this app cool and they are also satisfied with this app completely.
  • Overall (four stars):- this app lets you keep your sensitive apps behind the curtains. Only you can have access to them

Final verdict

Not many apps have such good features. When you get back home, your little ones insist to play games on your phone and you are worried that they will delete apps or might access sensitive data. With HEXLOCK, you can assure that both your data and child is safe with each other. This app is free to use and you must install it right now and enjoy good security.