CyanogenMod 11 Themes (CM11) for Android Smartphone

Cyanogenmod has recently pushed out its new theme which has already been incorporated by many ROMs already. The ROMs that have already implemented Cyanogenmod acts or responses extremely fast.

Cyanogenmod 11 is now powered by powerful theme engine. Using this you can easily edit or modify the features of your android device. If you are indeed looking for CyanogenMod 11 Themes then this the very best place you have come to. We are going to provide a list of “20 Best CyanogenMod 11 Themes for your android device. You can definitely select the one that you like and then use it on your android device.

Gem Flat Theme – plain yet glamorous

It is indeed a high quality style pack for your android device. It has also its dedicated Lock screen and home wallpapers.

CyanogenMod 11 Themes - Gem Flat ThemeThis theme provides you with a full theme pack. This theme is absolutely clean and simple. It also render a “high quality” look to your device.

Lollipop Themes – the next version of Android

This particular theme consists of the stock icons and the wallpapers from the new Android 5.0. it is 17 MB in size and runs on android 4.0 and above.

CyanogenMod 11 Themes- lollipop themeCurrently it has been downloaded in about 5 lakh devices. Blacked Out Theme – because black is Bad

Fi Theme – when you require a change in your themes

This is the very first theme that is having its own “inbuilt colour chooser”. Once you install this theme in your device you are provided with a menu which would be providing you with three options.

CyanogenMod 11 Themes - Fi themeBy selecting them you can set your own theme. It includes dedicated wallpapers and its tones.

Neon Colors Theme – makes your device a lot cooler

This particular theme supports the new theme chooser Roms from version 4.0 onwards.


Simplex Theme – it’s simple yet it’s stunning

Simplex theme is quite minimal and is indeed stunning. With its amazing color scheme and simple hints of red, the theme simply appears elegant.


It is basically included in customs ROMs such as CM10 and AOKP and many more. It has included some of the “new dialer theme” and the contact theme. There are also lots of other fixes in the new version.

Flats Theme – for the sleek look of device

This particular theme comes with its unique dashboard. It also provides you with its unique 12 wallpapers which will be located in your app drawer.

Flats theme

There are also some features located in your theme such as

  • Boot animation.
  • New and amazing fonts.
  • Full system style

Objects #Material Theme – the perfect eye candy for you

This theme gives you the opportunity to change the main android color into your favourite holo color.

objects material theme

It can also change all the “default blue paintings” with the theme color. It provides you with its very own Buttons, Radio buttons, Checkboxes and many more.

Flux Theme – precision like no other

FluxThis Flux theme is completely designed with its very own pixel precision. So with the complete modern look along with the amazing feel you can just enjoy the theme in your device.

LG G3 CM11 Theme

LG G3 theme offers you with a completely refurnishes UI. It also provides you with a full icon set along with perfect contact style, calendar and the dialer for you.


This theme is compatible with CM THEME ENGINE.


Holo Sence – for that perfect HTC look

Holo Sence indeed offers you with a real sence switch. This theme is also having its very nice color mix. It has its own sence of 5 icons and elements.

Holo sence

Its very own Themed CMs clock and Themed system apps are simply worth it.

MI6 Theme – the formidable Boss look

MI6 theme is brought to you by jasonevil. The updated version provides you with the refined contracts along with proper messaging and the settings. There are also themed material elements in google.


Obsidian CM11/Mahdi/PA Theme

This theme is a free theme for you. It is indeed plain, simple and very easy to use.


Some of the best features are:

  • Settings app.
  • AOSP unique keyboard.
  • Good style of notification.

Ultimate L – Solo Theme for complete beautification of Android

This theme has the best selection of icons for your phone. It will be gifted with a stunning interface and even proper support for the regular updates.


All you need to do is to download this application and see for yourself. This theme is also totally free. There are over 350+ icons. It also has new design for you.

HoloGlass Theme – when the android turns completely transparent

This particular theme turns your android phone into “completely transparent view”. So you can watch your device looking excellent as the background pic shine through.


You also get a modified clock style and translucent status bar icons.

Material Teal – for the Materialistic transformation of android


This theme is quite unique. It renders a material like theme to your android device. It also offers you with a translucent notification along with quick settings drawer and roboto condenced fonts.

Circle CM10.1/CM10.2 Theme


Circle provides you with some amazing features and up to 90 icons.

Shadow Theme – to give your android the best look and feel.

Shadow theme provides you with a massive amount of 310 icons and more are being coined every day. You get over 5 HD wallpapers and also a quick connection apply. There are even 5 different backgrounds to your un themed theme.

Yellow Gold CM11 theme – the best and the most attractive theme

It has always been considered that the most attractive and best color combination in the world is the yellow and black combination. They are obviously eye catching. Imagine if the same combination were to appear in your android device. It would appear the best among all others.


To bring the awesomeness you have the Yellow Gold theme for you. It has its very own custom wallpaper and neon Intrusive UI. Along with its Flat settings and other themes it appears simply superb.

Theme Spotlight – simply amazing when it comes to themes

Theme Spotlight indeed helps you to get the best and amazing themes for your devices. With this particular spotlight you can enjoy browsing through the list of all the themes that you would be getting.

theme spotlight

The app is also completely open source for any developers as well.