Threema – Secure Mobile Messaging App for Smartphone

Threema is a mobile communication app available for Android smartphones and tablets. This is one of the best mobile communication app which comes with amazing security and privacy features which you won’t find in any other mobile communication app. The main motto behind the developers of Threema is to bring advanced security and privacy to its users.

Threema - Secure Mobile Messaging App for SmartphoneThreema comes with true end-to-end encryption which will make sure that you and your recipient only can read and view the messages exchanged between you two. Threema allows you to use the app anonymously without need of your mobile number, e-mail address or any other detail, thus your identity will be kept anonymous under Threema. Once the messages are sent by you and read by your recipient they will get deleted hence leaving no trace of exchanging messages. This feature allows you to be safe from data abuse.

secure Messaging app Many mobile messaging apps which are available for Android devices claim that they are encrypted. Not only Threema is encrypted in application way so that no one other than you can read your messages but this encryption also works on Threema servers so the people working at Threema also can’t view the messages you exchanged.


The main Priority of Threema is to provide the best security to its customers. Threema needs very little information in very short time for using the app efficiently. Threema guarantees that the data which is kept with them is safe and they don’t exchange or sell it to third parties.


Features of Threema

Let’s have a look at features of Threema which make is one of the best mobile communication app with advanced security.

  • Send text messages to your friends using Threema.
  • Create poll and let your friends vote on these polls.
  • Send video, audio and image files to your contacts on Threema.
  • Option to create group chats and add new members to chats for more fun.
  • Group chats in Threema come with true end-to-end encryption.
  • No one other than you can read or evaluate the messages sent by you to the recipient.
  • Local files get encrypted and stored on mobile phone and are removed from the servers once they are saved on your device.
  • Anonymous Instant Messaging feature which hides your identity and keeps it a secret.

Pros/Cons of Threema

  • True End to end encryption.
  • Deleting of messages as soon as they are read by recipient.
  • True End to End encryption on server side keeping all your messages safe even from the server operator.
  • Anonymous instant Messaging.
  • App lags sometimes.
  • A bit overpriced. Apps with similar features are available for free in Google Play Store.


Threema is available not only for Android smartphones and tablets but also for other mobile platforms. You can download Threema for different mobile operating systems from the download links shared below.

Download Threema for Android
Download Threema for iOS
Download Threema for Windows Phone