Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC, Android and iOS

You might have played Minecraft, a game about placing blocks and building things on your PC. Minecraft – Pocket Edition is available for Android devices which allows you to have all the fun and adventure on your Android devices. Place the blocks and build something amazing in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The game comes with different game modes which double up the fun. There are two game modes in Minecraft – Pocket edition which are survival mode and creative mode.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC, Android and iOSCreate random worlds by using blocky cubes which are composed of dirt, sand, stone and other things. You will find simple textures in the game which will make the blocks look memorable and distinct. It totally depends on you how to place the blocks and what you make out of it.


Construct buildings by placing block by block and build something amazing in Minecraft – Pocket Edition. You can build anything out of your creative mind, construct a huge bridge or a skyscraper whatever you want to in Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC, Android and iosAs we already told you Minecraft comes with 2 gaming modes which are survival and creative mode. The survival mode comes into play where you have to collect each block and place it by yourself by collecting it from the outer world. You might find it a bit annoying while you are playing the survival mode but when you will start getting rewards you will just love it.

You have to collect all the blocks, transport them and place them for building blocks in Survival mode, in a way you have to survive in this mode. It is not that Minecraft – pocket edition is only about placing blocks and constructing things as when it gets dark you will come across your enemies in the game. You have to defeat these enemies so that they cannot take any more of your resources. The danger level in Minecraft is less as compared to the other versions of the game. Simply use your weapons and swipe on your enemies to kill them in Minecraft.



You can easily start the crafting process in Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you are having all the necessary materials needed for crafting tap on the item you need and it will enter in you inventory. You no longer need to drag the items using your touch screen. With this method the interface of the game gets better and user gets faster gameplay experience.

Pros of Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Amazing Multiplayer experience.
  • Amazing Crafting and Mining Experience.
  • Continuous Development.
  • Looks and plays great.

Cons of Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Not as detailed as the PC version is.
  • Easy adaptations.
  • No connectivity with PC games.

Minecraft is available for multiple platforms and is one of the best games which you will find in Google Play Store and Apple iTunes App Store. You can download Minecraft – Pocket Edition for your desired mobile operating system from the link shared below.

Install Minecraft – Pocket Edition on PC/Mac

Android games can be played on Computer or Mac using a software know as android emulator. There are mainly two famous android emulator available in the market which are Andy Android Emulator and Bluestacks App Player. Follow below steps to play Minecraft – Pocket Edition on PC.

  1. Download Andy Android Emulator/Bluestacks App player and install it.
  2. Open Android Emulator and search Minecraft – Pocket Edition  in the search field.
  3. Hit Install and open Minecraft – Pocket Edition after installation.
  4. Play Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC on your Windows/Mac PC.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android Devices

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS Devices

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone

Download Minecraft for Windows 10 – Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition