Paper Camera – Real Time Cartoon Effects

For adding more effects to your photos you will find a lot of photo editing and camera apps in Google Play Store. Paper Camera is a camera and photo editing app with unique style available for Android smartphones and tablets at Google Play Store. Paper Camera not only help you in clicking amazing photos but also helps you in getting painting effects and real time cartoon effects on your photos. You can directly get all the images with cartoon/painting effects using Paper camera app.

Paper Camera for pcWhen you will open the app for the first time you will have the interface of the effect you want to get on your image. If you want to change effects it ca be changed easily and thus the background of the camera app will also get changed.


Paper Camera not only comes with amazing filters but also flash, zoom and many sharing options. There are a total of 12 filters which you will get in Paper Camera. You can find out the filters below which you will find in the Paper Camera app.

“Comic Boom”
“Sketch Up”
“Old Printer”
“Neon Cola”
“Con Tours”
“Gotham Noir”
“Half Ton”
“Granny’s Paper”
“Pastel Perfect”
“Andy Pop”

Paper Camera is no less than mobile Photoshop app as it delivers the same editing options that a normal Photoshop app does. You can adjust the filters by choosing three options which are contrast, line weight and brightness levels, the three options which you will also get in Adobe Photoshop. Not only you can apply filters on the photos you click but also apply them to the videos you are recording, however this feature is only available in a limited number of Android devices.



Paper Camera comes with a whole set of amazing features and using the app is also very easy as it comes with simple to use user interface. You will get all the functions which you can use on the main screen of your device and special symbols using which you can change filters on your device. The design of Paper Camera is great. The design is similar to a white scrunched paper and using the app will make you feel as if you are holding an actual camera in your hands.


Two-thirds of the display of your device will be covered with the image you are going to click. Below the image you will find the name of the filters which you can apply. You will find two arrows on the right corner of the screen which can be used for changing filters. You will find three lines at the bottom which you can use for changing contrast, line weight and luminosity.

Pros of Paper Camera

  • More than 30 amazing filters to choose from.
  • Brush and Pencil Edits.
  • Plenty of Frames to choose from.

Cons of Paper Camera

  • No option to adjust level of each effect.

The download links of Paper Camera App for different mobile operating systems have been shared below.

Download Paper Camera for iOS
Download Paper camera for Android