Brain Teaser Games for Android

Brain teaser games are always fun! They are a perfect definition of some mental exercise along with fun time and activity! They are needed to keep your mind healthy and active. Here is our list of the best of Brain Teaser Games for Android.

  • 100 Doors Brain Teasers 1

Download 100 Doors Brain Teasers

The name pretty much gives an idea of what it is about. You need to be able to make out of the 100 rooms with the help of solving puzzles, using clues in the game and of course, opening each of the 100 rooms! The game has been improved and worked upon from the concept of 100 doors escape!

With some mind blowing graphics and various brain teasers, all you need is a little bit of logic; after which you will be glued to the game because of all that it has got!
it has various levels and has been categorized as four types of doors! One has clues, the other has you to find objects and the third needs you to move images while the last will ask you to match images from the given set!

Download 100 Doors Brain Teasers 1

  • 100 Doors Brain Teasers 2

    100 Doors Brain Teasers 2

This game is a successor to the aforesaid one and has you to do the same task with some twists and turns! You need to solve the puzzles to get out of the doors and make it through all the 100 rooms!


This is also a level based game and here you will have to find clues in the first, objects in the second, move four images into one of the boxes in the third and make use of a map in the last to find your clue!

Download 100 Doors Brain Teasers 2

  • Riddler-300+ Brain Teasers

    Riddler-300+ Brain Teasers

The application has a total of 300 plus riddles and brain teasers; each containing a hint to help you solve it!

There are various types of puzzle to choose from, namely, Logic, maths and funny!

You can also select from the available puzzles! They basically test your memory, logic and wit in the form of all the teasers and riddles which in turn keep your mind sharp!

It is also a helpful and efficient app for kids.

Download Riddler-300+ Brain Teasers

  • Trios: A Match 3 Brain Teaser

Trios: A Match 3 Brain TeaserAgain, the name is quite indicative of the kind of game it is. You need to match the given items in three’s. You simply have to clear those dots before the moves finish off!

They move together if not blocked and hence you need to be able to match dots of same colour before the entire board is full or moves are no more left.

All you need to play this game is simple logic!

Download Trios: A Match 3 Brain Teaser

  • Riddles & Brain Teasers

Riddles & Brain TeasersThe application has more than 3000 teasers and riddles for you. You have to storm your brains in order to solve all of them and later share the results or game with friends to ask them to take the challenge with you! The app is a free one too.



It has various categories, some of which are brain teasers, various kinds of riddles, naming objects and persons, etc.

The app also has support for Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Download Riddles & Brain Teasers

  • 150+ Brain Teasers

150+ Brain TeasersThis one is time-consuming and also needs some real brains to be able to solve them. Not that they are too difficult but they will surely need a lot of mental effort. Also, there are a number of puzzles based on interviews; they might be of use to many!

The application has many brain teasers and need to be answered strategically with proper thinking and assessment.
Also, one should not forget that their way isn’t the only way!
Always reveal the answers later as it will give you time to first exert all your brains into solving it!

Download 150+ Brain Teasers

  • Brain Teasers

Brain TeasersThis is one kind of an application which has brain teasers of all kinds, be it logic or math, numbers or any possible type. The puzzles are available in various languages as well.

Download Brain Teasers

  • Riddles, Brain Teasers 2

Riddles & Brain TeasersThis game is a combination of the best of teasers and results that will help you in improving your mind and mental health.

It has 5 different categories with more than 300 riddles and teasers. All you need to do it choose the right letters and/or numbers to score the right answers. As you score more, you will increase your brain power. It is well suited for adults and children equally.
It has puzzles of all kinds, word games, brain thinking, logic, etc.

Download Riddles, Brain Teasers 2

  • Brain teasers & Logic thinking

    Brain teasers & Logic thinking

Here is your chance to test your skills and make it fun at the same time. The app has a total of 80 brainteasers in the form of puzzles that will need some unconventional thinking. It also has 75 sequences of numeric problems that will need you to just read questions and press the answers to check if or not your solution is right.

It is show time!

Download Brain teasers & Logic thinking

  • Riddles, Brain Teasers, Logic

    Brain teasers & Logic thinking

Here are some tasks that are simple and hence must be finished by all! These would be helpful for the players in various work environments including interviews.

You need to be able to solve them calmly and give the teasers time before you finally reveal the answer yourself!

Download Riddles, Brain Teasers, Logic

All set to put your mind to work? Let the assessment begin! Make sure you exercise your mind well and overcome most of the puzzles and challenges on the applications. Happy brainstorming or mind storming may be! *winks*