Nova Launcher Prime – Best Launcher For Android

Android launchers completely transform the look of Android devices by bringing completely new interfaces, modifications. There are a lot of launchers available in Google Play Store which you can use for getting a new look on your Android devices. Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best launchers which you can use on your Android devices. Nova Launcher Prime is the advanced version of Nova Launcher which comes with advanced features and customization options.

Nova Launcher Prime - Best Launcher For AndroidNova Launcher Prime is the full version of Nova Launcher software which comes with a lot of modification and customization options. To unlock your lock screen you can simply unlock it using gestures, you can hide un-necessary apps in the app drawer, try a whole new set of scrolling effects and also try the dock swiping feature. Nova Launcher Prime is amazing fast as compared to the Nova launcher software which brings fast scrolling, fast menu previews and faster screen previews.


Nova Launcher Prime comes with a lot of customization options. You can add as many as home screens you want to see on your device. With the help of advanced customization options in Nova Launcher Prime edit the number of icons present on the dock, change screen transitions as per your requirement, add folder background, how many docks you are looking for and a lot of other options. You just need to know about the working of grids and what your grid size is and you are ready to rock Nova launcher Prime.



Nova Launcher Prime comes with backup and restore function which helps you to create backup of your Rom and restore it in case you lose all your data. Simply tap on the Restore button and everything will be restored without any hassle. You can also backup all the settings you have done in the launcher and restoring it will save a lot of your time.

Features of Nova Launcher Prime

The interface of Nova Launcher Prime is same as that of Nova launcher but the main difference between both these is the features which you will get in Nova launcher Prime. Let’s have a look at features of Nova launcher Prime.

  • New gestures which you can use to unlock your Android device. No need to use a passcode or draw a pattern now to unlock your device.
  • Nova Launcher Prime comes with unread counts thread which will show you about all the notifications you are having and you will never miss a message using Unread count thread.


  • Easily create new tabs or folders in the app drawer using custom drawer groups.
  • If you are not using any apps and they are un-necessarily lying on your app drawer simply hide them.
  • Choose different icon swipes which you can set for swiping on app shortcuts.
  • Nova Launcher Prime comes with new scroll options such as Throw, Wipe and Accordion.

Nova Launcher can be downloaded for Android smartphones and tablets and the download link of the app has been shared below.

Nova Launcher Prime for Android