You might have enjoyed eating fruits, but what about slicing them in fruit ninja, the best fruit slicing game available for Android smartphones and tablets. The game was launched quite a long time ago but with all the new updates a lot of new features, characters are added in the game which make the gameplay more interesting than before. You can cut as much as fruits you want to cut in fruit ninja. Swipe your fingers when you see a fruit popping in front of your screen and cut it, but keep in mind not to touch the bomb as it will explode and kill you and will destroy all the fruits. As we already told you that this game is available for Android smartphones and tablets so you can cut all your favorite fruits on your android device. If you want to play this game on your PC you can read the guide shared below which will help you in playing Fruit Ninja on PC.



Features of Fruit Ninja

  • Slice as much as fruits you want to slice in fruit ninja.
  • You will come across different fruits in fruit ninja, slice all of them and make the highest scores possible.
  • There are three modes in this game which you can play. These modes are Zen, arcade and classic. My favorite mode is arcade mode which helps in expanding my skills.
  • You will come across many power ups in fruit ninja. Always take all these power ups as these power ups will help in slicing more fruits and achieving the highest scores.
  • One of the best fruits which you will find in fruit ninja is pomegranate. This is the only fruit in fruit ninja which you can slice for unlimited times but there is a limited time for slicing it. For about 10 seconds you can slice the pomegranate unlimited times and achieve highest scores. So when you see a pomegranate popping on your screen get ready to swipe as fast as you can using your fingers.
  • With the new updates you will find new characters in fruit ninja. These characters will help you in your journey in fruit ninja and will guide you to your fruity path.
  • Don’t just slice one single fruit, slice 5 fruits at a time and you will receive combo.

How to Play Fruit Ninja on PC

For playing Fruit Ninja on your PC you need a special software installed on your device. This software is actually an Android Emulator which serves the purpose of running all Android games and apps on your Windows/MAC powered Pc’s. There are two different Android emulators which are Andy and Bluestacks. These both emulators will help you in running all Android games and apps on your PC. Download and Install Andy Emulator or Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC. Once you have installed the software follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the emulator you installed and then configure it.
  • Use the Search Option to find Fruit Ninja.
  • Download and Install the game.
  • You are ready to play Fruit Ninja on your PC.