Where’s My Perry For PC, Android, iOS and Windows Phone Review

Where’s My Perry is the official android game of the famous Phineas and Ferb TV show. Perry who looks like a cute little platypus is actually an Agent named Agent P who solves mysteries and loves action an adventure. Where’s My Perry is a puzzle game available for Android smartphones and tablets and is similar to Where’s My Water game. This Physics based Puzzle game comes with a lot of levels with fun and action. We all know that water is in different forms and you have to use all the forms of water by converting it from one to another in order to clear your levels in Where’s My Perry.

Where’s My Perry For PC, Android, iOS and Windows PhoneAgent P who looks like an ordinary platypus lives with Phineas and Ferb, two guys who love to have fun and adventure with crazy inventions. With the help of transportation tubes, Agent P travels his headquarters and where he is summoned by Major Monogram. Your mission in the game is simple and that is to help Agent P reach his headquarters by making his way and clearing the obstructions.


There is an evil doctor, Dr. Doofenshmirtz who is all set to take over the entire tri-state area by doing mischievous activities. Agent P, or Perry the Platypus always wins in stopping him from doing mischievous activities and stops him from completing his tasks. Dr. Doofenshmirtz is all set to build a strong army so that he can take over Agent P and rule the tri-state area. He is having a minion initiator using which he can transform anything into an evil object and add to him army.

Features of Where’s My Perry


Let’s have a look at features of Where’s My Perry which make it one of the best puzzle games in Google Play Store.

  • Based on the popular TV series, Phineas and Ferb.
  • A perfect chance to become Agent P and take part in all the exciting missions in Where’s My Perry.
  • 3D graphics which make the game look more realistic.
  • Different levels to play in. The game comes with around 60 levels and more counting. With new updates, new levels are added in the game.


  • All the forms of water are used in Where’s My Water. Guide different forms of water so that Agent P can reach his headquarters.
  • Stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz from performing his evil acts and make all his plans fail.
  • Become a master spy in the game by collecting all the 3 gnomes in Where’s My Perry.

Pros of Where’s My Perry

  • Amazing 3D graphics which make the game look more interesting.
  • Audio clips of TV series characters which double the gameplay fun.
  • Interesting gameplay mechanics.

Cons of Where’s My Perry

  • Difficult in playing at certain levels on small screen devices.
Where’s My Perry is available for different mobile platforms and you can download it from the links shared below.
Download Where’s My Perry for Android
Download Where’s My Perry for iOS
Download Where’s My Perry for Windows Phone