Best Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzle games are always fun. They refresh your minds and obviously give you a good start to your busy days. You will fall in love with the games once you try them out! After all, some mind training and a little bit of brain-storming are always good for mental being and everyday activity. Once you make this your everyday habit and put it into your schedule, you will always be found playing on your phones!

Here is the list of all the best Puzzle Games for Android compiled for you:

  • Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle


This is a game that has puzzles of all genres and all kinds. The kind of puzzles available for play include sliding ones, games brain teasers and escape games, match 3 puzzles and many more! All you have to do is keep on moving the blocks to create a way out for the ball so that it can reach its goal.

The game has various levels and no time restriction. You have a lot of variations as well as rewards and bonus points for daily challenges.

Ready to take on the challenge? Download and begin your play!

Download: Roll the Ball™ – slide puzzle

  • Brain Dots

    Brain Dots

All you need to do is make the two balls bump into each other. If you think you can do that even at the higher stages of the game, take on the game and see how you manage to make it through. It has no rules and no time restrictions, only one simple motive!

You can make lines and shapes so that the balls roll on! All you need is a little bit of mind warming!
It also has to itself the riddle element and hence, this game would make it up for all the brain teasing! Not to forget the wide range of game support it has!

Download: Brain Dots

  • Auralux

AuraluxHere is your chance to see what the combination of art and video games comes out to be. You need some strategy and you also have to be well equipped with working your way through the ordeals of the game. Make use of your mind and you will surely be the winner.

The game has a number of features from PC games along with a free usage for as long as you want. The game is meant for touch screens and has countless hours of play to it. With two modes, normal and speed, the players can make all of it work out well.

Download: Auralux


TETRISThe game functions on the basis of various modes as follows:

  • MARATHON MODE – The controls here are new and these will help the player play like a boss.
  • TETRIS® GALAXY – This mode has multiple levels and it requires you to clear the core with each Tetrimino and make use of power ups to change the block!
  • FACEBOOK LEADERBOARDS – Play against friends and connect with their scores!
  • TETRIS® RANK – Keep a check on all the scores you make!
  • T-CLUB – Join Tetris® Enthusiasts and receive some extra points.

Download: TETRIS


PAPERAMALove to play with paper and make some completely new products? Here is your chance to enter the world of Origami; the one which has some cool puzzles.

The game has some really cool hacks and tips including 70 puzzles and amazing soundtracks. Not to forget the support services and the hints every now and then.

Download: PAPERAMA


INTERLOCKEDYou think you can make use of your brains and unlock streets? If you are a puzzle head and you always love to be seen with a cubic box or anything that has a mystery behind it, here is your kind of game.

It has just a few wooden blocks and you need to take them apart in any way possible. Each level, you will see some complicated interlocked blocks which you need to take apart.

It has some really cool 3D puzzles along with some music and 4 challenges in the form of chapters.


  • ∞ Loop

∞ LoopA simple game that will relax your mind and though endless, will make you fall in love with it!

Download: ∞ Loop


THAT LEVEL AGAINAll you need in this game is a little bit of logic. You have a room which has spikes, a platform, a door and a button; you need to make it through. Thought sounds quite easy, it isn’t. There are 64 non-unique levels and 64 unique ways to win with a hero rising from the dead! Make your way with all of these coupled together!



GEMS MANIA LEGENDAll of us know how games with gems work, all you have to do is make your fingers work fast and get the maximum number of points as soon as you can. The game also lets you to connect with friends via in-app chat and has some really cool charge ups to bring you bonus points. Not to forget you can challenge friends and as well compete against the leaders on the scoreboard.



JELLY BLAST-CANDY TRIPThe game is about your quest of making some rare combinations of candies and get the maximum amount of points in minimum moves in the given amount of time. There are quite a number of tips that will help you make your score go higher and of course mcould also bring you on top in the scoreboard!

You can as well sync your scores!



UNBLOCK KINGThe game has managed to do fairly well and is definitely a must have as it is an amazing game to make your brain do some exercise and work it up. The horizontal bars and vertical bars will move in the same direction in which they are placed.

The game also has multiplayer mode and also comes with 4 difficulty levels. You can find some hints on instances you are stuck too!




The game is s super easy application with HD graphics and is basically a game where the user needs to prevent any flood from occurring. You just need to turn the pipes by touching them and moving them as they connect and complete the pipe.

The game has two modes where one is the Arcade mode in which you need to adjust the maximum number of pipes and prevent overflowing.

The other mode is a challenge mode where you need to get through all the levels!

Make sure there are no leaks left behind!

Download: PLUMBER

  • 1010! PUZZLE


The game is your challenge on how you can train your brain to work things out at the fastest pace. With this easy game, you will surely be all refreshed at any time and any where you choose to play it. Your aim is to destroy the lines by making sure you drop the blocks at the right place!

Download: 1010! PUZZLE



Save the chicks in danger! It is quite a game that will make you recall your childhood and surely you’ll delve back to old times. You need to match the items and explore the world where CoCo stays. You can also log in with Facebook and play with friends. Not to forget the additional points and rewards!


  • Cubis – Addictive Puzzler!

    Cubis - Addictive Puzzler!

All you need to do is stack up the cubis and make your way out. The game is one of the most played and is a combination of a variety of features of its likes!

Download: Cubis – Addictive Puzzler!

And that was all about some of the coolest Puzzle Games for Android! Don’t miss out on the list and choose for yourself the one that best suits you!