How to Trace Mobile Number Exact Location with Name and Place in World

We all know how much important the cell phone device is to us. We are very aware that it has become an important part of our day to day lives.


Obviously mobiles or the cell phones or the most common nowadays the smartphones are loved for the amount of services they provide but still there are some disadvantages to it as well.

Some of the disadvantages of the mobiles are the increasing use of the miss calls or the prank calls from the unknown numbers. Most of the times we do ignore it but in some cases it becomes necessary to find out who is doing so. In some cases ignoring the act might even bring some risks to you.

It is best suggested that they should not be ignored. There are various techniques now available which would help you to trace the numbers of the ones that are giving all the miss calls. The applications are all so advanced that you would be quickly able to trace the people with all their details.

The wiki page- Mobile Numbering System.

Well if you must know, a particular wiki page basically owns a huge list of the phone numbers and even their locations with respect to the network service provider. The wiki page is indeed helpful in these matters.


So just by using the first four digits of basically any number you can simply find the location of the service provider and also of the area of usage. Below we would be providing the various links related to the world wide location.

Some of the Mobile Tracking Software for USA/UK

You can use this mobile software which basically provides you with a whole lot of information apart from everything else. It will not only help you to trace out the mobile numbers but would also help you to find the exact location. You can even get the location on the google maps as well.


Use this application for tracing the mobile number current location and that too easily. Below this we are again providing certain links for your benefit. Look for the links and obtain the help from them

 The Truecaller service- one of the best services to trace the numbers


You might be interested to know that Truecaller basically contains the world’s largest mobile numbers which is actually owned by the Truecaller organization. This organization collects the numbers from all the Social networking sites as well as the shopping sites as well.

We would also be providing you with some of the important links to use the services of the Truecaller.

The best part of the application is that it is not only limited to the mobile app. You can also visit the Truecaller site.


You just need to log in to the Truecaller site using your Facebook account and thus after entering the number you can get the details. Just enter the mobile number and the application would give you the name and the identity of the person.

Use this link.