3D Bowling for PC (Windows 7/8, mac)

 If you are quite interested in the Bowling then 3D bowling for PC will be a great way to experience the pleasure of a bowling game. This particular game actually provides the complete experience of a real bowling game.  The best part of this game is that it will be providing you with an attractive gameplay.

3D Bowling review

This particular game consists basically of several bowling alleys. It also gives you different balls to choose from. Now before you are going to start your game you can simply choose your desired alley provided by the 3D bowling for pc game itself and also the ball from the menu button. This game supports both the single and multiplayer modes which add to another interesting aspect of this game. However this game allows only 2 players to play at a time. There is also absolutely no need to create any profile any anything of that sort in 3D bowling for pc. You can just play the game directly. The graphics of this game is quite appreciable. You also get the facility to change the background of the alley but you cannot alter the gameplay.

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In order to hit the pins you just need to swipe your finger over the alley. The ball will be moving exactly in the direction of your finger. The game is not actually that simple as it appears. It is also so not easy to get a consecutive strike. Once you find and stick yourself to the particular pattern of 3D bowling game for pc technique you can simply make high scores. One of the most appreciated features of this game is that you can always keep track of the progress that you have made in your game so far. 3D bowling for pc intricately displays the number of gutters and strikes that you have achieved. You can even display your score in the Facebook.

Let us summarize the basic aspects of the game. As already been mentioned the game is indeed the best and most realistic 3D bowling game that is there at present for the Android phones. It is the one and only bowling game that fully embraces the amazing 3D physics engine and effects.


Some of its outstanding features are:

  • It’s stunning 3D graphics
  • It’s state-of-the-art 3D physics engine for the real pin action.
  • It has 5 most outrageous bowling scene.
  • It also provides multiple bowling balls in each scene.
  • It provides detail stats tracking.

3D Bowling Gameplay Strategy

Let us provide you with some of the simple strategies to play this game

  1. You can simply drag the ball to the left or to the right so that you can position the ball for your throw.
  2. After that you can flick the ball with your finger to bowl.
  3. You can also gesture a curve on the very screen to throw a hook ball.

3D Bowling tips

Let us provide you some of the tips of 3D Bowling game tips. Use these tips to increase your scores.

  1. Well it may be hard for you to see. Note that there is a line provided just in front of your ball. It basically defines the area where you can use different finger gestures to effect the direct and also the behavior of the bowling ball.
  2. You can simply line your ball up and swipe your finger straight forward to knock down the solo pins or even the small groups.
  3. You can move the ball all the way to one of the side and swipe your finger straight towards the opposite side of the first pin in order to get a strike.

 Steps to install 3d bowling on pc using android Emulator

  • You can download either of the Android emulators that are available, Bluestacks or Andy Android  into your computer. they are the best emulators as of now
  • You can install and run the Bluestacks program or the Andy Android Emulator 
  • Please type 3D Bowling into the program and then install the app by just the simple steps.
  • Therfore you can run the game easily on your PC and enjoy.