The Oregon trial settler is the next version of the Oregon trial game. The game is available for all Android smartphones and tablets at google Play store. You have conquered the trial in the Oregon trials and now it’s time for you conquer the settler in the Oregon trial settler. Its time when you and your family can build a new home and lead your life happily at a place in the Wild West. The game comes with a lot of exciting features which will surely make you addictive. Once you have started playing this game it is going to be very difficult for you to stop playing it. If you are looking for a PC version of this game you won’t find any as there is no PC version of this game available. However using one simple method you can play the oregon trial settler on PC. Read the guide shared below to play the Oregon trial: settler on PC.



Features of the Oregon Trial: Settler

  • The Oregon Trial: Settler is available for free and you can play the game for free on your Android smartphones and tablets for free.
  • The game brings amazing fun and adventure to the users.
  • You can create your own frontier town in the Oregon trial: settler. You are finally having a place where you can live. Build your town completely so that other people can also come and lead a happy life at your town.
  • With this game you will be able to refresh and relive the memories you had of the Oregon trial.
  • Create buildings, farms and collect resources in the game so that you can get fulfill your daily needs.
  • Grow crops and harvest them and also trade them for money in the game.
  • You can customize your character by trying different outfits to it.
  • There are many mini-games which are present in the game which you can play to collect resources and coins in the game. Hunt the animals and do fishing in the ponds while you are playing mini games.
  • If you will play the game daily you will get daily rewards. So don’t miss a day without playing the Oregon Trail: settler.
  • Don’t forget to pay a visit to the neighboring villages so that you can get their help in building and growing your village.

How to Play The Oregon Trial: Settler on PC

For playing The Oregon Trial: Settler on your PC you need a special software installed on your device. This software is actually an Android Emulator which serves the purpose of running all Android games and apps on your Windows/MAC powered Pc’s. There are two different Android emulators which are Andy and Bluestacks. These both emulators will help you in running all Android games and apps on your PC. Download and Install Andy Emulator or Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC. Once you have installed the software follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the emulator you installed and then configure it.
  • Use the Search Option to find The Oregon Trial: Settler.
  • Download and Install the game.
  • You are ready to play The Oregon Trial: Settler on your PC.