HealthifyMe: Fitness Redefined the Indian Way

HealthifyMe is a revolution in the field of weight loss and nutrition and that too for the first time in the Indian History. It is brought to you by the best medical corporations of the nation. HealthifyMe allows you all the methods and practises to achieve overall fitness and energy for your body. You can get access to all the weight loss programs from your computer and smartphone itself.

Introduction to HealthifyMe


This app is built by the leading doctors of the nation along with all the nutritionists and the fitness trainers. No wonder it provides with the best and guaranteed results. You would simply be guided by this site on the ways to manage your food habits and all.  So eat, proper food, do specific and proper exercises and follow HealthifyMe to gain your dream transformation.

The Best Features of this Application is that:

  • It is followed and trusted by India’s to medical Institutes and also the best of the medical corporations.
  • It has its own set of well-known dedicated nutritionist and fitness trainers just for you.
  • You would be getting access to all the powerful and smart technologies which would simply be delivered to your smartphone.
  • You get the chance to be a part of the 2500 weight loss success stories. The stories are surely going to motivate you.
  • HealthifyMe is absolutely trusted by the Nation’s top medical institutions and also the corporators such as Apollo Hospitals, Medanta and Manipal Hospitals.

Below we are also providing the videos of the eminent doctor’s review of HealthifyMe

                                                                     HealthifyMe HealthifyMe

You can just consider this application as your personal coach who is going to motivate and instruct you to take proper and healthy food, do proper exercise, lose weight and finally to gain utmost fitness.

Fist Indian Application for Fitness

HealthifyMe actually brings you the world’s first Indian fitness application. You may also get the facts and calorie counters of all the regional food items which you may not find in other sites.


                                                           HealthifyMe HealthifyMe

You also get the unique features of voice and the photo tracking. One of the most advantageous feature of this application is that it is very easy to use so you can easily track your food and exercise as well. Apart from that you can also track your running, walking and cycling with the GPS tracker.

The best part is that HealthifyMe will be continuously analysing your data and will be continuously providing insights to improve all your lifestyle. Even if you are in need of some advice you have a certified nutritionist and also a trainer who is just a call away for you.

 You would be happy to know that HealthifyMe has featured itself in The New York Times and Times of India as well.

HealthifyMe also ensures results for you. They have already lost about 3000 kgs in the last 6 months. The premium users have claimed to have lost 50 % more weight. They all have exercised twice as much and have cut their fats by about 15% in just 6 weeks.

How does the Application Works?

 So once you finally have decided to lose your fats and be fit you can just fed in the target weight. HealthifyMe, depending upon the data, will create the best custom plan for you. All you need to do is to ensure that you stay within all your meal budgets. You can soon experience the extra kilos that are going to drop almost every week.

You can also plan to get stronger, fitter and more active by following all the guidelines of HealthifyMe. Eat and exercise according to the plans given to you by the HealthifyMe and you are surely going to see the results for yourself.

It might be possible that you like to eat healthy. You can just HealthifyMe’s custom advice. It would simply be guiding you what to eat, when to eat and what not to eat.

You even score points and get bonuses for following out all the healthy activities on the app. You can even climb up on the leader board.

Why HealthifyMe is the Best

It is indeed the best for variety of reasons.

  • It is having the world’s largest database for the local and regional foods.
  • You can even have access to the certified nutritionists and the fitness trainers.
  • Some great features like photo and voice tracking.
  • Very simple to use, quite comprehensive.
  • It has its very own 12 week programme to help you to lose weight.
  • You have the ability to score and rise up the leaderboard.