Best Android Music Player App for SmartPhone

Music is the best and the ultimate form of releasing the stress. It is the most important aspect of our lives which can ease our mind and make us feel relaxed. Music also helps a great deal to boost up the energy and has the power to transform any monotonous or boring activity into a lively one.

It is our everyday friend, it never judges us but is always there for us. Therefore music can ideally be considered as one of the “greatest gift of God”. Well there is also a major connection with our all- time friend and our inseparable friend i.e. Tune and the android devices and that aspect is called the Music player.

Below we are providing a list of “10 most used Android Music Player” for your Android Devices.

doubleTwist Player, Music Play for the android

doubleTwist tops our list of the best music players. It is the only Android Music Player which has got over 95k five star ratings. The plus points of this application is its beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, simple and plain user interface.

Best Android Music Player App for Android SmartPhoneWhile you are using this application you simply give up on the need to jump between different apps. You can even AirPlay all the music and the videos from your android device with the powerful AirSync purchase.

Unlike most other audio players doubleTwist is completely free to download.

Equalizer + mp3 Player Volume – Indeed the best free music and audio app for Android

Equalizer is undoubtedly the new standard for the audio players. This particular audio player is having 5 bands equalizer in order to surf through the low bass to the higher bass to enhance your audio listening experience.

Best Android Music Player App for Android SmartPhone Equalizer + mp3 Player Volume

There is also a particular “Double Click” option to quickly reset the volume which has been edited in the filters. Also the design is quite attractive and gives a vintage look.

Google Play Music – when you know it’s the original audio player of Google

Google Play Music as the name suggests is the original audio player of google. It helps you a great deal to discover the tune that you love in order to play it on your Android Device.

Google Play Music

With this application you can simply listen to unlimited songs. One of the best aspects of this application is that you can even create your own “custom radio” to listen to your favourite songs, album.

jetAudio Music Player Plus – the undisputed King of equalizers.

jetAudio is the audio player which comes with its very own 10/20 bands graphic equalizer. It also comes with various sound effects of its own.

jetAudio Music Player BasicIt has AM3D audio enhancer and its unique Bongiovi DPS. It also comes with its powerful 32 equalizer presets which ideally helps you to enhance your music experience. It is advised that in order to experience the full features the application must be purchased.


n7player Music Player- the player with and advanced equalizer

n7player Music Player is an amazing “Android Music Player with its unique features. Also it has been lot appreciated for its user interface which is quite attractive. It also includes a “10 band equalizer” along with a separate bass and treble.

n7 playerThis player plays the majority of the audio files and has the option of customizable volume normalization.

Neutron Music Player – the best possible sound quality

Neutron is one of the best professional music player that is available. It has its own high quality 32/64 bit audio rendering engine to give you the best sound quality for your files.

neutronThis application also features a sophisticated UI with advanced controls. It also has the feature of OS independent audio and decoding processing.

PlayerPro Music Player – live up to your music.

PlayerPro Music Player is simply an advanced music and video player for the android. It also features a beautiful and intuitive interface.                              

player proYou can get all your album artwork, artist pictures and genre illustrations. You can even customize the layout choosing between the grid and list view.

Poweramp Music player- add power to your music

This is indeed a very powerful and best music player for android especially for you. Poweramp plays several music files for you. It has also got its own separate powerful bass and treble adjustment for you.

powerampIt has also got its very own feature of Library Scan

Rocket Player – because the best music needs the best player

Rocket Player is brought to you by the JRT Studio. You can easily use all the features that the player has to provide to you.

RocketJust use the equalizer, amazing themes in store, album artworks to unleash your music.

Shuttle+ Music Player – lightweight and powerful

Shuttle+ is indeed one of the best music players for android. It is quite lightweight but amazingly powerful application for your android devices. It has the feature of gapless playback and automatic artwork downloading.

last oneYou also get some “amazing customizable widgets” in this app.