Clash of Clans For PC – Video Tutorial(Windows 7/8,Mac)

“Clash of Clans” is one of the most widely played mobi-strategic games on Android and iOS devices worldwide. Clash of Clans for PC  is an addictive mixture of strategic arranging and aggressive quick paced battles. Raise a multitude of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other relentless warriors. Join a clan of players and climb through the positions.

How to Get into the Battle: Plot of Clash of Clans

In the game of “Clash of Clans for PC” you have to build a town and populate it with everything the warring tribe you’re heading may require. A town corridor for initiative, a gold mine for cash, an army camp to hold your warriors, an Elixir gatherer to get together this extra resource from the ether – really soon you’ve got a lot of compositional work to be getting on with.

As you build and expand your little camp into a blossoming fort you open additionally building sorts, however never enough to weigh you down with decisions.Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8, Mac)Hit a sufficiently high level and you can assume control over the Clan Castle, permitting you to produce devotions with different players, redesign your military quarters, and make distinctive sorts of unit. There are all that could possibly be needed sorts of unit to open, however insufficient for any of them to appear careless on the war zone.

It’s in the fights that you first like the need for ability. The initial couple of fights with the AI are simple. Basically build enough Barbarians to invade the Goblin alcove, and watch them dismember it.

Clash of Clans Tips – General Tips for War Planning

Plot of Clash of Clans for pc

  • Set up a mortar for truly viable firepower – it packs a gigantic punch.
  • A truly much overhauled gun is a dangerous thing, yet makes you keep it secured from aerial attacks with a tower.
  • Don’t try holding up for troops to obliterate walls – explode them. It’s speedier and you won’t squander unnecessary amounts of troops doing so.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy – Crucial Combat Strategies

  • On the off chance that you need to be offensive and go out assaulting other player villages, verify that you have a truly generally guarded town before you do. When you go out to assault different players your town may go under assault and you’ll need to take as meager harm as could be allowed amid that time.
  • In case you’re playing protectively to gather resources make certain to recall to build an army as well, as lined troops might be discounted later to recover the solution. By putting away some of your mixture as troops, you make that solution inconceivable for different players to assault like they may your standard remedy stockpiling structure.
  • Line up the same number of wall breakers as you can, then cross out them to recover that solution when you require it, keeping a colossal measure of that resource protected from foe attacks while you’re offline.
  • Put your most powerful weapons in the middle of your town. This implies your most powerful weapons will stay dynamic for more time if your town comes under attack.
  • Additionally, recollect to continue everything tightly packed together and to build walls encompassing each structure to moderate troop progression however much as could be expected. Walls are your companion, so update them to level three as quickly as time permits and stick them all over. Don’t make assaulting your town simple!

Install Clash of Clans on PC Using Andy Android Emulator and Bluestacks App Player

You can’t get direct exe download link and play Clash of Clans on Computer, because it’s an Android game after all. You need to Download “Bluestacks App Player” or Andy Android Emulator both are android apps player and works flawlessly on Windows and Mac OS.

  1. Once you are done with the installation of Bluestacks or Andy, click on the “Search” option the type the name of the game “Clash of Clans”.
  2. Size of Clash of clans is 50MB , so It may take longer time than the usual games.
  3. Once you click on the “Install” button, it will begin downloading.

 That’s all, You are ready to make the clans with your friends and Play Clash of Clans for PC.