Top 11 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

If you must know that the demands for the Antiviruses of Android apps have nearly exploded in the recent days. Although the Android itself is having secure internal security, its users are more than just interested to have an extra security in case of any kind of grave situations. Let us provide you with some of the best antivirus apps for android for your benefit.

1. 306 Security – Antivirus Free

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It is a free security protection and speed booster for the android devices. You can simply protect your mobile device with the 360 Security. It is basically the top of the line mobile security app which is ultimately designed to protect the android phone against any type of threats such as the viruses, malwares, any type of dangers related to the system or even any sort of privacy risks.

Apart from all these it would help you to clean the application caches and even the junk files that are running in the background so that it is able to boost your android phones.

2. AndroHelm Antivirus


It is an excellent solution for protection of your smartphone, android cell phone and the tablet. It does have complex protection features and safety from all kinds of threats. It is even having quick remote location of the smartphone with the ultimate solution for you regarding the personal information.

When you have the AndroHelm Security you need not be worried about any harmful programs and privacy breach or even about the 24/7 phishing. You can simply enjoy your smartphone because you do have the best security for your smartphone.

3. AVG Mobile


It is one of the top rated, free and real time anti-virus and even superior anti-theft protection for the Android devices. This particular antivirus is definitely going to protect your device from the harmful viruses, malware, spyware and the text messages. It alongside, even helps to keep your personal data safe.

Over 10 million people are already using this particular application. The best features of this applications are:

  • Scan the apps, the settings, files and even the media in real time.
  • You can kill tasks that slow your device.
  • You can even browse the web safely and securely.

4. TrustGo Inc.

TrustGo is another mobile security app for your android device. It was previously ranked #1 by the AV-TEST for providing the BEST Android Security anywhere and at any time. It indeed protects you from today’s most dangerous malware and the viruses. It also provides security for any type of app that has the capability to steal your data along with your personal privacy factors.

It also offers “Find My Phone” features including the remote location, lock, alarm and the ‘Candid Camera’ thief ID, system tools and also the web browsing security. Give a try to one of the best antivirus security.

5. BitDefender Antivirus Free


Bitdefender’s Antivirus Free is indeed the most powerful and indeed a fast solution which uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your android device with the very latest industry virus detection. You can simply use it without slowing down your Android or draining your battery meter. Let discuss some of its features.

The Unparalleled detection

The Autopilot automatically scans any new apps that are downloaded to your Android devices for the viruses. It uses the same scanning engines such as the BitDefender Mobile Security.

Zero Configuration

The application offers you all the essential antivirus protection against all the android threats. It is simply ready to go right after the installation acting as the perfect guardian.

6. CM Security

This is one of the top rated, fastest and the safest app lock. It is having over 50 million users. It also supports over 26 languages.

Let us describe some of the highlights of the CM security for you:

  • #1 antivirus engine: this application is powered by both the local and the cloud engines. The users are over 20 million.
  • Multilayer Protection: Fix system vulnerabilities and scan the new apps, file systems and the websites. This is done in order to ensure full safety to your device.

7. Dr. Web v.9 Anti-virus Light

It is a basic anti-virus protection for your device. Just so that you know, please do use the comprehensive version of the application because the free version is simply not that enough for the android devices.

8. McAfee Free Antivirus & Security.


McAfee Mobile Security protects your Android phone with all its award winning features such as Antitheft, Find Device and App Privacy.

Indeed there are myriads of features which are available for free. One of the best features also include the total lockdown of your app if any malicious person attempts to uninstall it. It is also credit for having multiple awards to its name.

Some of the awards include:

  • AV Test
  • Info Security Global Excellence Award.

9. Kaspersky Internet Security

The Kaspersky Internet Security for the android delivers the latest mobile security technologies. It includes superior anti-theft protection and even he android anti-virus. All the best features of the Kaspersky Internet Security are available in the single easy to use solution. They all are optimized specifically for the smartphones and the tablets.

10. Lookout Mobile Security

look out

The LookOut Security and AntiVirus offers the best protection against any type of mobile threats, phone less and any kinds of thefts.

Many of the users numbering to about 50 million users claim that this particular app is the best ever they have used. The Security, BackUp and the locator are all the best.

11. Avast Software

it is the one of the last one in our list. It is the mobile security with the free antivirus for the Android which secures against any unwanted phishing, malware and eve the spyware and the malicious viruses such as Trojans.