Smash Hit for PC Review(WINDOWS 7/8 & MAC)

Smash Hit is another unique game for android. It is also one of the most addictive games that the android has to offer to us. The game is indeed amazing and has high quality of graphics. We might have never known how breaking a piece of a glass at times can be so delightful.

Smash Hit

The job of this game, Smash Hit, is to exactly provide the pure delight of breaking glasses by providing us an excellent simulation. This game, “Smash Hit”, is a beautifully developed game by the Mediocre AB. It is indeed one of the finest games that you can ever play. Smash Hit has got a wide use of the physics law for all the advancement of the ball and the glass. So we can conclude that overall the game looks quite pleasant.

So as already been mentioned this particular game is awesome in all aspects. With all its superb graphics quality and the uniqueness it may be quite easy for the beginners to start off with but at the same time is quite tough for anybody to master it.

The makers of this game, Mediocre has many other unique games to their credit. This game “Smash Hit” is also having the best gaming experiences. All you need to do is to tap on the display of your android device so that you can throw the steel balls on the glasses that you would be seeing coming towards you. The glasses will be coming towards you, which will be of different shapes and sizes. You need to break any glasses that come to you or else your game will be getting over. You need to remember that every triangle shaped glass will be getting you three sets of steel balls. So in order to get more of the steel balls you need to break every triangle shaped glass which would be coming to your way.


You may even need to break some of the bigger glasses with two balls or even more than two balls and that too at a single time. To clear the levels and also to move into the next one you need to open the gates simply by throwing the steel balls at the right mark. Well the music that is being played at the background is also great. You would simply love it, while you are busy in playing the game. The game is one of the best and addictive games we ever played.

So let us summarize the game in some simple words

  • You can just take a surreal journey in to a different world where you can just smash anything you like with the metal balls.
  • It is musically synchronized gameplay with music and other audio effects which basically changes to suit each of the stages.
  • There are over 50 different types of room which has near about 11 different graphic styles. It also has some realistic glass breaking mechanics in each and every stage.
  • The game is playable for absolutely free and it is also free from any advertisements.

Steps to Install the Game in your PC

You need to realize that this game is actually not available for the PC. So all you need to have is an android emulator. You can download any of the emulators like Bluestack or the Andy Android emulator. Using the respective sites you need to first download them and then install them. After you have already installed them you can just click the icons to run them on your pc. Once the emulators run you need to look for the search bar which is mostly at the top.

Just type the name of the game and click on it once the list appears. The game will subsequently be downloaded and will be installed. After the game is installed you can start playing the game and enjoy.