A new hero has risen in Chicken Boy, an Android action game for Android smartphones and tablets. A superhero who is in form of a chicken is here to save the world from all the evil and bad people. Use your bat to kick ass of all your enemies in Chicken Boy. The graphics of the game are amazing and the interface of the game is fairly simple and easy. The touch controls in the game make it easy for the players to play the game. You can play Chicken Boy on your Android smartphones and tablets for free by downloading it from Google Play, however if you want to play Chicken Boy on PC you need to install Bluestacks. Read the guide below to install Bluestacks on PC and play Chicken Boy on PC.

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Features of Chicken Boy

  • Kill all the bad and evil people and protect the world from the bad forces in Chicken Boy.
  • As Chicken Boy is a superhero don’t think of him as a superhero with fit physique. Not all the superheroes are fit some are also overweight and chicken boy is also a bit overweight. With time he will improve his physique and will become fit and strong.
  • With just one super shot you will be able to kick ass of all your enemies.
  • You can also add upgrades to the chicken boy. Mount weapons on your chicken so that all the enemies can be easily killed. Use different bats as all the bats have different strike rate. As you will progress in the game the character of your chicken will become stronger and hot rod.
  • The graphics of the game are amazing and cute characters in the game add a plus effect to Chicken Boy.
  • With the latest update of Chicken Boy you will get new power ups. With these power ups you will be able to kill all your enemies easily and make high scores in the game. The Chick who is your sidekick can also progress with the latest update.

How to play Chicken Boy on PC

Playing Android games and running Android apps on a Linux, Windows and Mac powered PC is easy now. To run Android apps and games you don’t need any hardware for your PC. You simply need a software for this purpose. Bluestacks helps in running all Android games and apps on PC as it is an Android emulator. There is one more software which is alternative for people who don’t want to install Bluestacks and that is Andy Android Emulator. To download and install both the software’s you can read the guide shared below.

  1. Download Andy Android Emulator or Bluestacks.
  2. Once the files have been downloaded, run the setup files.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your PC.
  4. Once the software has been installed, configure it by adding your Google account.
  5. Open the software once configured and on the main page you will see a Search Bar. Enter “Chicken Boy” in the Search Bar and hit enter.
  6. You will see Chicken Boy in the Search results.
  7. Download the game and it will get automatically installed. Now you can play Chicken Boy on your PC.