Where’s My Water? for PC(Windows7/8), Mac & Smartphone

Help swampy, a cute little crocodile in taking bath in Where’s My Water. Swampy is a cute alligator who lives in the sewers beneath the city. He is totally different from other alligators as he is the friendliest alligator which you will come across ever. Swampy is back from his work and he needs a nice shower so that he can get relaxed and enjoy the rest of his day but what it turns out is that his shower is broken and you have to fix it for him so that he can take a nice cozy bath.

Where's My Water? for PC(Windows7/8), Mac & SmartphoneWhere’s my water is a puzzle game available for Android devices and is one of the most downloaded games which you will find in Google Play Store. Swampy’s shower is broken and he needs to take bath. You have to make way for water to Swapy’s shower so that he can take a happy bath.


The game comes with different levels and puzzles which you have to solve in order to let swapmy take a bath. Not only you are having water in the pipelines as you will also find steam, dirty water, toxic water, ooze in the pipelines. You have to make sure that only fresh water reaches Swampy as if toxic water or dirty water reaches by him he won’t be able to take a bath.

Features of Where’s My Water

Let’s have a look at amazing features of Where’s My Water which make it one of the most downloaded games in Google Play Store.

  • Participate in more than 500 puzzles. Where’s My Water comes with more than 500 puzzles which you can play. With new updates of the game you will get more missions to play.
  • Not only you can play as swampy the alligator, as there are total of 4 characters with different stories. Play as Swampy, Cranky, Mystery Duck and Allie in Where’s My Water.


  • Water is not in a single form and you will see water in many forms in Where’s My Water. Make sure you don’t allow toxic or dirty water to go into swampy’s shower as it might harm him.
  • The game comes with many challenges in which you can take part. Completing the challenges in the game will unlock many new items for you and you will also get rewarded with exciting rewards.
  • Use the Photo Finish feature in the app to show your friends how you cleared the levels in the game.

Pros/Cons of Where’s My Water

  • Wide Range of levels and addition of new levels with new updates.
  • Different characters to play with.
  • A bit laggy sometimes.

Where’s My Water is not only available in Google Play Store for Android devices but is also available for other devices. The download links for Where’s My Water for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Nokia smartphones have been shared below.

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