WeChat For PC (Windows 7-8 and Mac OS)

WeChat becomes the most popular mobile messaging platform after releasing in 2011. We Chat has it’s monopoly in China (According to the number of users), but not far behind to catch global users by its amazing all in one service and that’s also totally free of cost! We Chat included all- Instant messaging service, Voice call, Video Call, Tine Line sharing etc.

Features of We Chat:

Easy Get in Process: Easy registration process is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Anyone can register by his/her mobile number. Even you don’t have to add “user name”! Users are allowed to register by his/her facebook ID instead of mobile number also. And that’s all! You can start chit-chat with your buddies. There is a killing feature that allows you, change your name (It’s the name that appears to your contacts) whenever you want to.

Premium but absolutely free! This is how “We Chat”took the competition far ahead. We Chat looks like a premium messaging platform and that’s also without any advertisement! But don’t worry its not going to charge you for your annual subscription renewal. This is their make competitors whitewash strategy to gain market not only in Asia but also in Europe and America also.


Good quality voice and video call: It comprises a good quality standard video and voice call. This is the add on where WhatsApp is lagging behind. But this only works on 3G network. Be careful! It can eat your Megabytes in minutes!

Maximum ways to add friends: There are numerous ways to add friends. You can add friends by mobile numbers, email IDs (registered in We Chat), finding nearby We Chat users by using “Look Around” feature, and Shaking mobile at same time (Though you can find Chinese almost every time you shake your phone). There is an option to share QR Code of your profile. By scanning it you can find and add friends.


Emotions and Stickers: We Chat has the largest list of emotions and stickers that are for free! This is another reason why youngsters are looking it as a substitute of WhatsApp and Line.


We Chat Moments: You can share your “Just moments” by pressing on the camera button and it sends the current moments that your camera capture to your contacts.



We Chat On Computer:

Download We Chat for PC is conceivable because of the well known emulators for Android. Today we will let you know how to download We Chat for computer with the assistance of Bluestacks/Andy, the best emulator for Android that we have tried.


To download We Chat, it is important to install Bluestacks/Andy on our PC.

You can get Bluestacks here- Get Bluestacks

You can get Andy here- Get Andy

From the primary page we need to click with the mouse on the “Download” catch for the form of your working framework. The Bluestacks/Andy download begins consequently, just need to affirm the installation if Windows approach us for authorization. The installation was finished in no time flat and as of now Bluestacks/Andy will have on our computer.

Then it just stays to discover talk with the utility application to hunt down applications that you will discover in the “Main Menu” through the amplifying glass symbol. Place the name of “We Chat” in the text box and Bluestacks/Andy submits us the download alternatives. With a solitary click and it will be installed in your PC.

Numerous users as of now have “We Chat” in the computer for nothing out of pocket and in a brief time all your contacts can delight in this application in your home, work or spot of study, to stay in contact with loved ones.

 Whats-App Vs We Chat:

At the end it comes…Comparison of “We Chat” with the big daddy of cross messaging platform “WhatsApp”.


User Base: As we have said, Dependable WhatsApp is the big daddy here. WhatsApp has almost 350 million active users. It is 60 million above of We Chat, which has 290 million active users world wide.

Interface: WhatsApp is far ahead of We Chat here. WhatsApp has a clean and easy to navigate interface. On the other hand, We Chat has a little bit confusing interface and that is not totally easy and handy for the first time user.

Plug-ins: This is where We Chat crosses WhatsApp. We Chat has lots of plug-ins- Shake to find, Drift a bottle etc. But WhatsApp has no such add on.

Last Seen feature: WhatsApp has this exceptional feature (with single ticks-sent…with double ticks- Last read) and with it WhatsApp jumps over the We Chat in Messaging Pleasure satisfaction of the users.


We Chat is currently galloping towards becoming the largest cross messaging platform, It may chunk a piece of user base from WhatsApp in near future as it has lots of things to attract people and provide fun not just messaging.