Top 10 Best News Reader Apps For Android Smartphones and Android Tablets

Many of us like to spend out free times reading the newspapers. While at times it is mostly for the news but on the other times it also provides its share of humor, trends and so much more. With the advancement in technology, most of the people among the general public have started switching to the web to get their daily dose of the latest headlines, analyses, general awareness and for lots of other things.

With the passage of time there currently exist several thousand news outlets throughout the world along with the blogs which also includes the RSS feeds. The number has increased to such an extent that it literally impossible to keep with the latest updates of every single blogs or the new feeds.

Below we provide the list of the news reader apps for the Android smartphones. You can select from it the best one to suit your news reading habit.

1. Press

                                                            Press 1 Press 2

It is a simple and quite elegant RSS client for the popular syncing services. The Press is quite fast and clean. It strives to provide you the freedom to enjoy all your favorite news.

Some of the best features of this application:

  • There are simply no ads to display.
  • It completely syncs with Feedly, Feed Wrangler and much more.
  • It has both light theme and dark theme.

2. Feedly

                                                             Feedly1 Feedly2

With Feedly you get all your websites in just one place. With the aggregation facility of Feedly you need not hunt for any news anymore, you will just get the contents of your favorite site as fast as possible

3. gReader Pro

it is just a simple, fast and even intuitive feed reader for the Android. It features many of the beautiful themes along with the podcast support and full offline support. You can read all your Rss news in just one place. Keeping up with your favorite website is as easy as checking your mail with the power of gReader Pro.

4. FlipBoard

FlipBoard is actually a type of personal magazine. It is indeed the most popular way to catch up on the various news or if you simply want to read stories from around the world. You can even browse the articles or the videos and photos that your friends are sharing.


In order to begin with the FlipBoard you just need to pick a few Interest and then tap any of the tiles to begin with and then you can flip through your own magazines.

5. Digg


Digg indeed delivers the most interesting stories on the Internet which at the same time also happens to be some of the most talked about stories. It is powered by the social signals and also with the old fashioned human judgment.

It is indeed one of the fast, clean and a simple real time reading app.

6. Circa

It has been awarded with the Google Play Best App of 2013. It simply saves your time and also helps you to stay informed with the latest news. So Circa is indeed the best way to read and follow the headline news on the go.

7. Pocket

                                                                Pocket 1 Pocket 2

Pocket was awarded with the Webby Award for the best productivity app of 2014. Nearly 10 million people use this application daily which helps them to save the articles of their like along with the videos and other web contents.

8. Google Play Newsstand

With the Google Play Newstand you can discover more of the news and the magazine that you like to follow. You can simply find them all in this app. It simply can be considered as the new home for all your Google Currents Subscriptions and Google Play Magazines.

9. Zinio

You can easily browse thousands of the digital magazines from around the world in the newsstand along with the largest selection or you can even read the fresh articles for free.

10. Pocket Cast

Pocket Cash

It was awarded with the Google Play Editors Choice March 2014. It is the best way to keep up with the latest headlines and explore complex issues while you are basically on the move.