SnapChat for PC(Windows 7/8,Mac)

SnapChat is one of the popular pictures or video sharing application. After a perfect shot or a mesmerizing video capture, you can share it with your friends just by a simple click! With its simple operation, SnapChat has a truly unbelievable security feature that allows to you to send self destructive Pics, video and message also!

 Features of SnapChat:

Click & Share: SnapChat’s click & share option is perfectly amazing. You can take a snap or can make a video, length of 15 seconds and share with your friends in no time just by tapping a “Send” button. You can choose multiple recipients from your friend list of SnapChat.

Self destructive images/video: This is the killer feature of SnapChat. You can send images/ video and set a time of its lifespan. You can set the lifespan of your shared images/video between 1 to 10 seconds. You can allow the recipients to see or enjoy your message/ pic/ video for single time access/ for some seconds setting up its self destructive mode –lifespan.

snapchat for pcSpecial Note:Video has no time bounded lifespan. Only after video finishes playing, it will vanish.   


Image Editing: Its not just about clicking and sharing pics/ video in SnapChat. You can edit your images using various editing tools available in the app. You can add caption, make filters and juggle your pic with vibrant colors.

snapchat  for pcChatting: With SnapChat you can share your feelings or daily happenings with your friends through text chat. But it’s little bit confusing as the conversation goes on; previous texts are being deleted one by one. You can’t be able to see the older text anymore.

Video Chat: SnapChat’s video chat is the best in its class. Its lively fresh video goes without any buffering but sometimes real time video chat varies from mobile to mobile, tab to tab. There may be a lag between your and recipients video conversation.

 How to Install SnapChat in your PC:

As because SnapChat is an application that runs on Android OS, you have to install it through an Android Emulator in your PC.

You can use either of the two best emulator- Bluestacks/ Andy.

Click here: Download Bluestacks

Click here: Download Andy