Real Steel World Robot Boxing for PC(WINDOWS 7/8 & MAC)

Real Steel World Robot Boxing  for PC is one of the most popular Robot Boxing game in the PC available in the Google Play store. It has also been doing quite well in the iTunes app store. It has already got nearly thousands of users who find the game to be simply great and is different and completely unique.

Real Steel World robot

As you can definitely figure out by the name Real Steel World Robot Boxing the game involves the robots facing each other in a boxing match. It can be easily claimed that this interesting game will easily reach out to its millionth customer very soon. All the robots that are in the game have their individual powers and qualities.

In this game “Real Steel World Robot Boxing” all you need to do is to select any particular robot whichever you may like. After you select the robot you can start playing the boxing match with another opponent who itself is also a robot. You can simply control the robot in almost all the aspects. One of the most amazing part of this game is that you will be getting lots of thunder powers which you can use against your opponents.

Coming to the graphics of the game, Real Steel World Robot Boxing, they are indeed excellent and quite eye catching. The detail of the game is by far one of the best. The gameplay along with the combination of the sound effects and the HD graphics will surely make you addicted to it. While you have already reached certain levels into the game there are many robots that you may need to buy but you can certainly start the game with the free robots that you have got. And indeed the game is also available for free.


One of the most amazing features of this game is that you can always play it in the online feature mode. You along with your best mates can join the server of the game or you can all play together in a single Wi-Fi connection.

Let us discuss some of the excellent features of this game.

  • It indeed packs bigger punches along with the combination of the Harder-Hitting battles. It simply doubles the action of its predecessors.
  • It has a total of 24 mean machines. It includes some of the fan favorites superstars like Zeus, Atom and the twin Cities.
  • There are about eight new contenders that have entered the ring. You can now brawl as Touchdown, HollowJack, BlockBuster, Biowar and so many more.
  • There are also about 10 different arenas which contains all these hulking mechanical brutes.
  • You can even load up with the upgrades and get the fighting edge with the power ups.
  • You can even get simply bigger and better and be more social. Just take your friends in the live local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiplayer and you can easily fight your way up to the leaderboards.
  • The 2011 movie will simply spring to life with all these new special moves and even the cinematic rip-offs.

Steps to Install the Game in your PC

Before you try to install this game you must realize that this game is not originally built for the pc. You need to download either the Bluestack or the Andy Android Emulator so that you can run this game. After you have the emulators you can just click on them to open and then you need to type the name of the game on the search bar.

Once the name of the game appears on the game list just click on it and subsequently install it. After the complete installation you can just start playing the game.