MyFitness Pal – Calorie counter & Fitness Tracker

My Fitness Pal is unique app for you which completely motivates you to lose weight and be fit. They assure the fastest and the easiest methods to determine the calorie counter for the android app.

Introduction to My Fitness Pal

 My Fitness Pal

You would indeed be very happy to know that millions of people worldwide have lost their weight using all the ways and methods provided by this app. It also contains the world’s largest database of the nutrition and calorie database which makes it to over 4 million foods.

Let us also share with you some of the My Fitness Pal app facts:

  • It has been proved by the medical studies that if you keep a food journal as a guide then chances are that you would be doubling your weight loss.
  • Using the application you can quickly add and log to the recipes from all over the world.
  • The application is also quite easy to use and is indeed very fast.
  • You can have this application for completely free. Obviously the best part of the application.

People at My Fitness Pal strictly believe that the best way to lose weight and also to keep it at bay is by keeping a track of the food that you eat.

                                                                       My Fitness Pal My Fitness Pal

All the machines which appear as a mere show off and various kinds of diets are simply not going to work. This is exactly where the power of My Fitness Pal comes into effect. You can easily count the calories and track the food that you are consuming. Below we have also provided a video for your reference. You can watch this video and learn about the application as well.

Download My Fitness Pal

With the power of the application you can simply track your health from anywhere and at any time. You can be completely assured because the web and the mobile apps do sync with each other frequently and automatically keeping you up to date always.

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You can also visit the official site of the My fitness Pal. The app is surely going to take all the extra pounds off your body. You can be rest assured of the fact that at present there isn’t any better app than this. It is going to be your everyday guide and friend till you achieve your own physical fitness.

                                                                   My Fitness Pal My Fitness Pal

You would be happy to know that this particular app has also featured in various well known magazine such as the PC Magazine and Wired Magazine.

It has featured itself in NY Times, WSJ, USA TODAY and various others.

Why you should choose My Fitness Pal over others

You get access to the facility of the easiest and the fastest entry of the foods. This app can easily remember your favourite and all the multiple foods at once. You can even save or add your entire meal and many more.

So there is no easier app than the My Fitness Pal. Furthermore it also contains a huge list of foods which is over 2 million in number and the list is always growing.

This app also completely syncs with the web and so you are updated all the time. You can easily log from your computer and even also from your mobile phone. Even all your data entries would be backed up for sure so that you can get easy access to them every time you log in to your Account.

This application also gives you the facility to diet with your friends so that you both can track each other’s diet and act as a supportive figure.

The application is also quite comprehensive. Which means without any kind of formal help you can, by yourself, create your very own custom foods and list your exercises. You have the power to track all the major nutrients and keep a check on the progress reports as well. There are many functionalities which are surely going to consume you.

Brighter Side of the My Fitness Pal Site

You would simply get support and motivation from millions of users that are already using the application. The best thing is that you can easily flash your achievement in your profiles of facebook or the twitter.

It also provides you with a list of over 300 exercises which if followed properly is definitely going to keep you fit and fine.

So what are you waiting for? Venture out in the quest of achieving a fit and smart body that you have always wanted.