Must Have Game Controller for Smart Phone, TV, Tablet and PC

Xiaomi has been redefining the digital industry since it was born. This time they have brought something really cool for the gamers. Wanna play the game in your way? Then Joysticks and game pads are the perfect buddies for you. Xiaomi silently introduced a wireless Bluetooth gamepad with all new killing features.

Fits You with Advance Ergonomic Design

Must Have Game Controller for Smart Phone, TV, Tablet and PCWith classy streamline molding, Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth gamepad, Joypad offers most advanced ergonomic design for perfect handle feel. Uniform button positioning provides great gaming feelings. Larger finger contact surface makes this gamepad more efficient for long hours gaming experience.

The Design story | Everything is customized for human

With Bluetooth version 3.0 built-in and G-sensor functions enabled, Xiaomi’s wireless Bluetooth gamepad is a compatible partner for your gaming. To enhance user’s experience Xiaomi introduced a new design technology-joint fingers curve radiant design to this Bluetooth gamepad.  You can buy more video games accessories on GEARBEST.


The rocker of this Xiaomi made wireless gamepad is also unique. With the soft and colloid feeling on the top part, it provides a great comfy feeling. Shaking accuracy of the rocker reached up to 0.172 degrees when tested. It is designed with 0.5 degrees center special anti-interference molding to avoid mishandle. Thick plastic matte finish of the rocker will not let your fingers to slip suddenly.

Motors and Accelerometer of the Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth gamepad | Cool but Powerful

Motors vibration is a cool specification that you can count as one of the major quality built. The right motor is slightly heavier than the left one because of its asymmetric design. If you are playing any extreme riding or extreme sports then you would love it.

Xiaomi has opted Bosch G-Sensor that is count as the king class. It uses with three axle gravitational acceleration for better precision calibrating.

Green Technology invades here too | Smart Power Saver Option

Smart power savings mode will left you speechless. If you leave it for five minutes, it will switch itself to the power-saving mode automatically. One year standby is another awesomeness added to this gamepad.

This Xiaomi product is compatible with all kind of Google interface (if you are using any Google device). It perfectly fits with MI TV and MI TV boxes. It is powered by 2 x AA battery but you have to purchase the batteries separately. This wireless Bluetooth gamepad not only appears great but also fits our hands ergonomically that provides best in class long hours gaming experience.