How to Run iOS Apps Windows PC(Windows 7/8, Mac)

Often we had wished to play certain iOS apps in our pc but before, since there was no proper way to run the iOS apps, we were unable to do so. Thankfully there is a particular way in the recent times by which we can run the iOS apps.

How to run iOS apps on PC

The only best and possible way to run all the applications related to iOS whether it is an iPad or iPhone is to use the application which is popularly called as simulator. In this case the Simulator that we would be using is known as iPadian.


This particular application called the iPadian is basically a free adobe based iPad simulator. This application simply allows you to run all the iPhone and iPad apps in your computer without any hassles. All those applications run in your computer on the iPad like interface which is created itself by the application.

Some possible downsides of the application

Though this is one of the best ways to run the iOS applications in your computer system but still there are some drawbacks of this particular application which we are going to discuss now.

Some of the disadvantages are that you cannot access the Apple app store. You would be quite restricted to the iPadian’s own custom app store. Which may at times be quite boring. It is not that there aren’t plenty of apps available in the iPadian store but still it is quite limited as compared to the Apple app store. If at all you go on to look for the apps in the games category you would be finding fewer than about 10 applications.



You might at times come face to face with the interface issues as well. The interface issues might affect many of the PCs and the laptops which might happen to run any simulators of this type. The basic reason for this might be the fact that the iPads are mostly meant for touch screen purposes. Now any type of simulator which tries to incorporate the same techniques may not be quite successful in doing so. No matter you can still use the mouse though but it feels a bit old fashioned.

Apart from that iPadian application actually provides the complete interface of the iPad environment. You would also get a web browser, email client, social networking applications and so many other stuffs like the music, videos and much more.

The most amazing aspect of this application is that it is completely portable and you face actually zero hassles when it comes to installation.

Basic ways to run the applications in your PC

Step 1: You can simply use this link to get your own copy of the iPadian. All you need to do is to follow the basic installation procedures. You can just unzip the downloaded file and run the iPadian.exe file.


Step 2: You may also need to download and install the .NET framework beforehand itself. So when you are prompted to do so you can do it. You may also need to install the Adobe Flash layer. In case it is already installed you might be prompted to update the version of the player for better performance.

So after it is done you would be taken to your own desktop screen. The screen would be a cross between the windows and the iOS. All the key apps would already be installed.

So enjoy playing and using the iOS apps onto your pc.