How to Play My Talking Tom on PC (Windows 7/8 & Mac)

You must be quite aware of the Talking Tom Cat. The Talking Tom Cat is an animated talking app. This actually provides quite interesting and humorous as well as lovely interaction with the cute tom which would be seen standing right before you in the screen.


It is actually a very amusing app which is available free on the Google play store. This app can indeed be credited for having the largest number of download till date. It has also received numerous good ratings from the users. This ultimately proves the superiority of this particular adorable app. Well the talking tom is actually more than eager to meet with you guys. He is there for some funny talks and also for some amusements.

The loveliest feature of this app “Talking Tom Cat” is the mimicry by the sweet cat. The cat also called as Tom would be hearing you patiently and very carefully only to repeat the same thing that you have said to it. Whoever has used it will find it to be extremely adorable.

Just because of this sweet behavior of Tom he is loved by many users across the world. It is also because of him that most of us find this application to be quite addictive and even lovable. Apart from just to make it talk, there are also other activities that you can enjoy with your new, cute and adorable friend. Since tom is a cat you can cuddle him or pet him to make him purr, just feed him some milk to fill his appetite and then make him happy. You can even touch his belly, head and feet and see his adorable reactions. You can also persuade him to scratch the screen of your smartphone. Just like Tom can mimic you he can even sing the song you have sung for him in his own manner. Many of the fans of tom cat has uploaded funny videos of their conversation on you tube and even you can do the same once when you download and install it into your system


Let us summarize some of the features of the talking tom.

  • With this you can simply discover the number 1 game app in over 135 countries.
  • It gives you the chance to adopt your own pet, the virtual kitten. You can simply help him to grow by taking care of him, feeding him, playing with him and nurturing him as your own tom is growing up.
  • You can even dress him the way you want to. There are wide selections of colors to choose from.
  • You can even decorate his home. You can even see how others decorated their Tom’s house.
  • Play games with him and make him part of your daily life.
  • You can play over 10 mini games such as the memory games, Whack-A-Mouse. You have the chance to win gold coins and have fun.
  • You even get the chance to enjoy the life like emotions of your pet. Your Tom can be happy, playful, hungry, sleepy or bored. Depending how you are playing with him.

Steps to install the Talking Tom in your PC

Since talking tom is actually intended for the android devices whenever you wish to install it on your computer you need to actually install an android emulator. There are many android emulator available in the market. The best ones are the Bluestack or the Andy. You can just download them from their own website and then install it. On the search bar, just type the name of the android application that you wish to download. Once you find the name of the game in the list, click on it to download it and then subsequently install it. Thereafter you can easily play the game.