Flipagram: Only This can Make the Best of Your Moments

So finally you can bring all your moments to life. All thanks to Flipagram. You can easily create beautiful and short video stories using the photos that you click. You can even set the music that you love with the power of Flipagram.

Introduction to Flipagram


Using the Flipagram it would be very easy to create and add all your best moments. You can even edit your story by sorting, duplicating and also by adding various texts to each frame.

Moreover you can even personalize your creation with music, title, filters. You can even adjust the speed and the length. After you are done you can even share the file or your creation in Flipagram or on any other Social Networking Sites.

                                  Flipagram Flipagram

So once you create your own Flipagram account you can be rest assured that you are never going to lose any of your flipagrams. You can save some space in your phone and even you can edit your latest creation with complete ease.

Some of the Best features of Flipagram

Let us also bring to you some of the best features of Flipagram

  • So in case you are a first time user you should know that this application has the power to give life to all your photos that depict your best moments. This particular aspect makes it much more fun
  • You can choose or select the perfect music for the videos that you create. You can select it from your music library as well. There are also millions of free song previews available. You can even buy the full songs.
  • Another important feature of this application is that you can even set the right timing and speed of the video that you make.
  • You can set your title or add your text to any photo. You can even set the font, color, size and the location as well.
  • After you create your own video you can easily preview it. So before you are about to share it on your profiles make sure you edit it.
  • You can even share your Flipagram photo stories with anyone in the world using the power of the Social Networks, Messaging and blogs.

Also let’s have a look at what’s new

Some of the new features that have been introduced are:


With the new features you can be the first one to

  • Share all your Flipagram instantly with the community itself.
  • You can even use the #hashtags to be discovered and featured.
  • You can even invite all your friends and immediately increase your following.
  • You also get the facility to connect with some quite interesting Flipagrammers from all over the world. So go ahead and build your friendship.
  • You can even like, comment and share the most creative Flipagrams.
  • You can as well grab your favourite username in case you are tryng to create your new account.
  • You get the facility to save all your Flipagrams just in one place.
  • That goes without saying that you can even edit all your Flipagrams.

User Interface Details

Let us also throw some light on the build of the application. The user interface is indeed quite simple and very plain.

                             Flipagram Flipagram

The creation of any Flipagram is actually very easy if you must know. All you need to do is to press or tap the “Create” button. The button actually sets you on to the journey of creating your own Flipagram. Now you can easily create your Flipagram by adding various pics from your cameras, mobiles and even your Instagram account. You have the facility to take the pics from within the application itself.

Finally after you have selected all the necessary pictures you can just move them around and they would be displayed in the perfect order. Definitely the order that you prefer. After you choose to go with the related order you can add a song or you can even give a name to your creation. With the unique features of the app you can even speed up or slow down your slide show.

So once you are finished creating your very own and lovely creation you can just share it on your Flipagram or on your facebook as well. You can even directly send it via email or you can save it in your photo capturing devices as well.


So if you are keen on creating the video slides or even the simple slides then this is definitely the application for you. Just explore it as much as you want. Share your creations to the world as much as you want.