Duolingo: Learn Languages Online for Free

Duolingo is the fun and free way to learn languages. Learning languages with Duolingo is indeed fun, special and also addictive. There are many features which would keep you hooked up with the application like racing against the clock and levelling up. In the process you learn the languages. Even the bite sized lessons are quite effective for you.


So go ahead and plunge into the ocean of various languages with the help of Duolingo.

Some of the Best Features of Duolingo


Let us also discuss some of the best and unique features of Duolingo

Read, Listen, Speak

  • Each lesson of the Duolingo is filled with a variety of speaking, translating and listening as well as the multiple choice challenges.

In-Lesson Grading

  • You can instantly see which of the answers you get correct. When you are about to miss any challenge you would be quickly shown by the Duolingo how to prove.

Streak Count

  • Duolingo even motivates you to absolutely stay on track by recording how many days in a row you would be spending in a language.


  • Hearts even keep your lesson alive. You would be losing them when you answer incorrectly. You need to start over when you lose all your hearts.

You can simply make your breaks and commutes extremely productive with the iPhone and android apps. You can just download them and then see why the Apple and the Google has given their best accolades to Duolingo.

Various Links to download

Therefore with this app you can easily learn French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and English as well. This app is available for 100% free and is completely fun to use. It has also got the award of the “Best of the Best” by google in 2013.


Some more of Duolingo


Duolingo is credited for changing the way the people speak there languages. There are absolutely no ads, no gimmicks or any sort of fees associated with it. It is as best as a college quality education and that too without any price tags.

This application also provides a lot of fun. You can even lose your hearts by any wrong answer to the questions. You can just advance by the completion of your bite sized lessons and can track your progress with your shiny achievements.

While you use this app you would be seeing that you are constantly improving in your skills. Your learning experience is going to get better overtime.

So if you indeed want to learn all these European languages you can do so quickly and easily with the help of Duolingo.

Motivations that you get from Duolingo

The system of scoring points for completing the lessons is quite motivational. It simply encourages you to learn and practise and enjoy as much as possible. You would also be provided with the daily reminders as well by the application.


While using this application you would be noticing that you are going to use the basic words at first and after that you would be moving on to the basic phrases of every languages.

This application is having over 25 million users. So after you select which language you wish to learn you would be getting the proper option to start it from beginning itself. This step actually assumes that you have simply have no prior knowledge to the language. As already been mentioned you start with the basic words and then you gradually move to the basic phrases.

Well you also have the option to take a shortcut in case you feel that you can at least avoid the basic lessons.

You can also take a placement test. It will simply show which level would suit you the best. You must know that using this application you would learn the languages in a more traditional in the conventional manner. You still require some time to get hold of any language. You get to learn all the present, past, future tense. Then about the animals, foods and many other things. You would be getting about 9 lessons each of which would be having the specific exercises.

All the lessons will be having near to 4 exercises. It starts from translation to listening via the matching and then speaking exercise.

So while you pass all the exercises you would simply be getting a sense of achievement and you are likely to feel quite happy. You can easily use this application in your smartphone or pc. Apart from everything else just enjoy the learning.