It’s time to rule the skies of Atlantis with your army of dragons in dragons of atlantis: hiers. The glory of the popular kingdom of atlantis is lost and it’s your duty to bring the kingdom back to glory by fighting with millions of online players. The dragons in the city of atlantis are dying and it’s your duty to save the dragons of the city of atlantis. You have to completely rebuild the city and bring wisdom to it in dragons of atlantis: Heirs. Dragons of atlantis: heirs comes in 3D graphics which brings amazing gameplay. You can play dragons of atlantis: heirs on your Android smartphones and tablets for free. If you want to play dragons of atlantis: heirs on PC you need to install a special software. Below we have shared the method which will help you in playing dragon of atlantis: heirs on your PC.



Features of Dragon of Atlantis: Heirs

  • The kingdom of atlantis which was once popular for its ferocious dragons is on the extent of losing all its dragons. You have to save all the dragons and feed them and train them and bring the glory back in the kingdom of atlantis.
  • The game comes with 3D graphics which add a great effect to the surroundings. Raise all the dragons in the beautiful environments of atlantis.
  • You can customize your dragons and use them to fight against your enemies. Make your dragons powerful so that they can kill all your enemies. Use the special ancient secrets of evolution which will help you in customizing your dragons.
  • Compete your dragons with the different dragons in the game in the battle arenas. Dragons of atlantis comes with battle arenas where you can compete your dragon with the other dragons.
  • The game comes with online multiplayer mode where you can play the game with millions of other players. Take part in battles with your friends and easily kill all your enemies.
  • To defeat the opposite forces you can plan different strategies. Use the strategies wisely and kill all your enemies in dragons of atlantis: heirs.
  • The Anthropus has taken over the kingdom and it’s your duty to get the kingdom back from the evil clutches of Anthropus and bring back glory. For that you need to complete the epic quests in the game and clear out all the levels in the game.

How to Play Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs on PC

For playing Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs on your PC you need a special software installed on your device. This software is actually an Android Emulator which serves the purpose of running all Android games and apps on your Windows/MAC powered Pc’s. There are two different Android emulators which are Andy and Bluestacks. These both emulators will help you in running all Android games and apps on your PC. Download and Install Andy Emulator or Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC. Once you have installed the software follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the emulator you installed and then configure it.
  • Use the Search Option to find Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs.
  • Download and Install the game.
  • You are ready to play Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs on your PC.