Snapseed for PC(Windows 7/8, Mac)

Snapseed indeed makes any photograph special with all the special effects that it provides. When you click your photo you can just transform your pic with the power of Snapseed.


This application is for any one of you who likes to customize or edit your various snaps before you upload them to Facebook or upload them to any other social networking sites. You may also like to edit them before you get to show them to your friends. You might be very interested in providing your own personal touch to each and every images of yours before you publish them in your profiles.


Snapseed can easily adjust all your photos with its special feature called the Auto Correct. You can just tweak you photo to absolute perfection

This application has garnered some positive responses and is also liked by various users. So much is its demand that many of the users now wish to use the application on their computer. There is obviously a way to have the application on your PC. We would be coming to that shortly.

Review of the Application just for you

As it is commonly considered, this application can be referred as the top notch application. Mostly so because of all the amazing features that it provides.


This application is also having the best of the user interface which also happens to be so simple. This application can be used on the various phone or tablets. It only supports the JPEG photos. It also supports multiple languages.


 Download Snapseed


Snapseed for android.

Features of Snapseed

Basically Snapseed is having lots of features for you. This application has many of the users as its fan. Let us also discuss some of the features for you.

  • So Snapseed is actually a fun application for you. It has every features to make you its fan and even various filters to apply on the pics.
  • It has a particular feature called auto correct tool which finely adjusts your snap.
  • You can easily enlarge or focus on particular aspects of your pics. You can even adjust and tune the viewing angles of the images. Only with the help of Snapseed.
  • You can easily share the pics on the social networking sites such as Google+ or FB with just a click. There are plenty of image borders present which can help with the finishing job of your pics.
  • There is a selective adjust by which you can enhance the specific objects in your pic

We do sincerely hope that the various features that are being provided by us is sufficient for you to get a liking for the application. We do suggest you to go ahead with downloading and installing the application in your computer system.

Downloading Snapseed for your PC

  • Since this application is not directly available for pc you need to download a particular android emulator for your pc. You can download BlueStacks or Andy android emulator.
  • After you download them then wait for them to install.
  • Once the emulator installs you can click on the emulators to open and then search on their search bar the name of the application you wish to have it on the computer.
  • Once you find Snapseed just click on it to download. Once it is downloaded it would automatically install itself.