Deer Hunter 2014 for PC (Windows 7/8)

Deer Hunter is basically a legendary arcade game. It is mostly available for the android phones. It is also one of the most interesting games. It is one of the few games which became popular in a very short duration. In order to play this game you need to have an android phone.

Deer Hunter 2014

You can even get it for free in the Google Play store. One of the best feature of this game, Deer Hunter, is that is consists of some great graphics and amazing details. It also provides some amazing game play. The graphics that it consists are so real that it truly gives you the HD feeling. The game play itself is also really flexible. You yourself can choose your place of hunting.

You will also be provided with many types of weapon in this game “Deer Hunter” which would be loaded with unlimited ammunition. You are also provided with a knife in case any of your weapons does not work. You are actually playing the role of a hunter whose main job in Deer Hunter is to hunt the wild animals which includes mostly the deer. There are about 100 species of animals that are added in the game. When you are hunting the animals you are basically allowed to take the trophy just for your profile. These trophies are the ones which show your hunting skills. As soon as you start playing more you would be getting the facility to upgrade your weapons. This particular trait makes the game more interesting. It is one of the prime features which make the Deer Hunter as the best first person shooting game.

Let us describe to you some of the essential features of this game


With this game you can simply aspire to return to the wilderness. It is indeed one of the most visually stunning games which is actually a First Person Shooter. You are about to travel from the North Americas Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of the Central Africa to embark on an epic journey to hunt the world’s most exotic animals.

Explore the Living World

You can simply immerse yourself in the diverse environment which is filled with over 100 animal species. You need to just watch out for the attacking predators including the bears, wolves and the cheetahs. Hunting the deer is just the beginning.


You can easily enjoy the endless customization as you try to perfect the weapons. You can upgrade the magazines, scopes, stocks and even the barrels. You can simply take hunting to the next level.

Collect trophies

You can compete for bragging rights as you bag the biggest animals with the Google play achievements as well as the leaderboards. It is simply an open season to join the hunt today. It is mostly developed for the fans of the FPS game.

Ways to download the game for PC

If you must know the game is not actually built for the PC purpose. So in order to play the game in the pc you need to install a particular application called the Android Emulator. You can either download the Bluestack Android Emulator or the Andy Android Emulator. After you have already downloaded them you need to obviously install them, after that you can just click on them to open it.  When the respective application opens you can type on the search bar which is above the name of the game. click on the name of the game when it appears then follow the steps of downloading and then the subsequent installation. Thus you are ready to play the game.