If you love to have adventure in your life, get some in danger dash, an adventure and action filled game for Android smartphones and tablets. Run for your life in danger dash. Danger dash is another endless running game like Temple Run, Subway surfers which you can play on your Android smartphones and tablets. The game comes with amazing graphics and features which will make you addictive. Play in different characters in the game and collect as many as coins to increase the time duration of powers ups in the game. As we already told you that you can play danger dash on your Android smartphones and tablets, if you want to play this game on your PC you need to install a special software which works as Android emulator. If you are interested in playing danger dash on your PC read the guide shared below, but before we tell you how you can play danger dash on PC have a look at the features of this game.



Features of Danger Dash

  • Run as much as you can in danger dash. Danger dash is all about running saving yourself from the evil tigers who are trying to catch you.
  • You can play as different characters in the game and different characters come with special powers and abilities.
  • There are different locations in the game. Run in the exotic forests or a destroyed city or the mysterious temple. It all takes a real runner to run in the locations in danger dash.
  • The controls of the game are simple and are similar to the ones like in Temple Run or Subway Surfers. Slide down or jump to prevent hitting by any obstacle. Tilt your device left or right to collect coins.
  • You will come across many obstacles in the game, make sure that you don’t get struck in any of these obstacles.
  • Take full advantage of the power ups in danger dash. The game comes with different power ups which you can use to run for longer durations and achieve the maximum scores.
  • As you will play the game new levels will be unlocked which will bring more power ups and will increase the level of difficulty.
  • Integrate Danger dash with your Facebook account or your Google account and check where you stand. Check the leaderboard to find out your position.

How to Play Danger dash on PC

For playing Danger dash on your PC you need a special software installed on your device. This software is actually an Android Emulator which serves the purpose of running all Android games and apps on your Windows/MAC powered Pc’s. There are two different Android emulators which are Andy and Bluestacks. These both emulators will help you in running all Android games and apps on your PC. Download and Install Andy Emulator or Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC. Once you have installed the software follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the emulator you installed and then configure it.
  • Use the Search Option to find Danger dash.
  • Download and Install the game.
  • You are ready to play Danger dash on your PC.