Chess Free for PC (Windows 7/8, mac)

Chess Free for pc is unique and the best free Chess Game on Android. It is currently the highest ranked game out of the 120+ free chess programs that are presently there. It was even awarded Top Developer Award in 2013. You can be rest assured that this particular game will actually serve as a great skill sharpener for yourself while you improve at it. You can get stronger at this game altogether by slowly setting your battles at the expert level.

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It would indeed be proving quite challenging for you since it is also using the Treebeard Chess engine.  The same engine, that is being used by the Microsoft for its chess game. Here in this game, Chess free for pc, you can play various levels starting from level one to level ten. The Game, Chess Free for pc, can even be set on a timer to perform the moves simply by toggling the options menu. It has some of the features that basically encourage the player to learn better strategies. The most amazing factor of this game, Chess Free for pc, is its intricate details and polished and smooth animation of the board and the chess. Just a bit con of the game is that the computer or initially the opponent takes quite some time to play the next move. It actually doesn’t give you the feel of playing with a much faster computer.


Let us describe some of the features of this game, Chess Free for pc:

  • There are 12 play levels in this game. It is actually quite good for the is actually intelligent weakening for the lower levels.
  • New Casual and Pro modes were introduced. These two different playmodes will simply allow you to choose how much help the game would be giving you. The stats are kept separate for both.
  • As already been mentioned, this game uses the Treebeard Chess engine. It actually has a unique “human like’ style.
  • The Chess Tutor option would be showing you the recommended piece to move. It will basically help you to think about how you should be playing without telling you exactly what move to make. This is absolutely necessary for developing the chess skills while also helping you to avoid simple mistakes.
  • Show CPU thinking feature is for level 3+. This is indeed a very unique feature and quite great for learning chess. This actually will be showing which all moves the Ai is considering.
  • It also provides ELO rating based on your results against CPU in the pro mode.
  • All your Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud are saved for the stats. It will be available while you are logging with your Google+ accounts.
  • There is a 2 player Hot Seat so you can play against your friends.
  •  There are 8 Chess Boards and 7 Chess Piece Sets.
  • You can even review the game mode and step back through your game so that you can see how you won.
  • You can load and save the game files and the PGN Export.
  • It is designed for both the Android and the tablets.


Let us provide you with some tips and tricks to play the game, Chess Free:

  • Observe carefully your opponents move.
  • Think for some time and then make the best possible move.
  • Try to have a plan.
  • Practice so that you can develop quickly and well.
  • Try to keep your King Safe at any cost.
  • Be alert always.

 Steps to Install this Game on pc using Android Emulator:

  • You can download either of the Android emulator, Bluestacks or Andy Emulator into your computer.
  • You can install and run the emulators.
  • Please type Chess Free into the Emulator program and then install the app.
  • Thereafter you would be able to run the app on your PC.