Build your own town in Car Town Streets. Car Town Streets is a racing game which is available for Android smartphones and tablets for free at Google Play. Roxy wants to restore her town which was once famous and was a beautiful home to many cars but has now lost all its glory. Make your team and compete in races with other players in Car Town Streets. Many people have asked us if there is any PC version of the game available. There is no official PC version of the game available however if you want to play Car Town Streets on your PC you can use Bluestacks, which is an Android emulator. Bluestacks helps in running all Android games and apps on PC and you can also play Car Town Streets on PC using Bluestacks. If you want to install Bluestacks and play Car Town Streets on PC you can read the guide below.



Features of Car Town Streets

  • Find some of the best cars in Car Town streets. There are around 60 cars which are available in Car Town Streets and all the cars are from some of the best manufacturers of the world. You will find 35 licensed manufacturers in Car Town Streets.
  • Tune your vehicles so that you always come at the first position while you are on the track.
  • Car Town streets comes with Grand prix challenges. Participate in the challenges and win exciting rewards.
  • Not only race or tune the new vehicles. Restore the old vehicles which are placed in the junkyard. Restore them and bring life back to them.
  • You can design your own roads as per your requirements, business shops and many other things in the game. You have to make Car Town Streets a perfect home for the cars.
  • Upgrade all your vehicles in the workshop. You can do a lot of customization to your vehicles and increase their performance in the workshop.
  • You can also do random jobs in Car Town streets for making some extra bucks. Deliver pizzas on your vehicle and lots more.
  • Give a perfect identity to your cars. You can give name to all your vehicles by using custom license plates.

How to play Car Town Streets on PC

Playing Android games and running Android apps on a Linux, Windows and Mac powered PC is easy now. To run Android apps and games you don’t need any hardware for your PC. You simply need a software for this purpose. Bluestacks helps in running all Android games and apps on PC as it is an Android emulator. There is one more software which is alternative for people who don’t want to install Bluestacks and that is Andy Android Emulator. To download and install both the software’s you can read the guide shared below.

  1. Download Andy Android Emulator or Bluestacks.
  2. Once the files have been downloaded, run the setup files.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your PC.
  4. Once the software has been installed, configure it by adding your Google account.
  5. Open the software once configured and on the main page you will see a Search Bar. Enter “Car Town Streets” in the Search Bar and hit enter.
  6. You will see Car Town Streets in the Search results.
  7. Download the game and it will get automatically installed. Now you can play Car Town Streets on your PC.