Bluestacks Review – Best Android Emulator

Most of the Android Smart Phone users want to have the same exciting gaming experience in their PC. But, problem comes here, for that you have to install Android operating system in your PC . Bluestacks is here to help you to run the Android games in your PC. It’s one of the best and almost bugs free Android emulators in the market.


Features of Bluestacks:

Simple user friendly interface: Bluestacks provides a simple white screen while you open it. You can see almost everything on screen like a dashboard. Easy navigation made it more users friendly. You can order the app, to perform all kind of actions from here. In a line, it’s simple, light, effective emulator with click and forget performance accuracy.

Performance: Though Bluestacks has an unmatched performance history, sometimes reports come that unveiled some shortcomings of the app i.e. if you install it on Android ice cream sandwich or lower version, it may cause hazy, blurry screen resolution (Reports based on the data collected from the users who played Temple Run, Tempe Run 2, NFS Pro, Angry Birds, Meets the press).   

Digital Keyboard: Bluestacks has a digital keyboard, integrated within the app. You are advised to use it only if you found it handy for you, because keys are vertically short and horizontally wide. It has made uncomfortable typing experience. You can put it to windowed mode so that you can use Windows 8’s digital keyboard otherwise use a physical keyboard simply.


Multitasking: Though Bluestacks developer claimed that their software has the competitive multitasking ability, it has some deficiencies i.e. if you want to switch one app to another app you have to go back to home screen through all the way.

Cloud Connect: This amazing tool let you sync apps from PC to phone. Or you can perform it reverse. But sometimes it does not work at the same time. Bluestacks failed to resolve this one.

 Bluestacks Offline Installer:

As a user you may download the Bluestacks intaller (Size: 9 MB). When you run it, it will connect you to the internet and start extracting runtime data that often take long time and show error.

Users are allowed to install Bluestacks directly from the server. You can download the Windows supporter apk file that will let you install it on your PC. Latest Blustacks offline Installer supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

 What you need to install Bluestacks offline: Minimum 1 GB RAM and 2GB hard disk space is required to install and run this app smoothly. Off course the last one, you need to have all the drivers up to date.

 Click here:The Bluestacks Offline Installer

 Special Note:It has an issue with Bitdefender Antivirus. If you are using Bitdefender, disable Bitdefender during installation. Once you installed Bluestacks, you can enable it soon.

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