Best Web Browser for Android Tablet & SmartPhone 2015

In the modern times the Web Browsers are actually the most important application in any devices. If at all the applications have better performances and the right features then it would simply be the most important factor for you to decide on it. You would also be having some amazing experience while browsing the net. Well many a times, finding the right one can be a bit troublesome.


Here’s to our list for our top eleven browsers:

1. Baidu Browser

The first on our very list is the Baidu Browser. It indeed provides you easy, fast and all safe access to browse almost everything on the internet. You get the Fast Browsing facility inbuilt with the T5 engine, fun videos, news and also much more with just a single tap or swipe away.

2. Firefox

The Firefox for Android  is basically one of the free web-browser which puts the power of the infinite open web in your very hands.  The Mozilla Firefox is indeed the android browser which is quite fast, easy to use and also customizable with all the latest security and the privacy features.Firefox is considered to be fastest web browser for android devices.

3. Google Chrome  

Google chrome is the third one in our list. With the power of chrome you can browse the internet with the lightning speed on your Android phone and also the tablet. You can even pick up from where you left of on your other devices with the tab sync and search by voice facility.


You can even save even 50% of the data usage while you are browsing. Google Chrome is one of the best web browser for android with flash support.

4. Next Browser

Next Browser is basically identified by its mini, simple, beautiful and easy to use style. There are over 40 million users who have admitted that this is the fastest browser they have ever used. It is of quitge small size and there are some extremely powerful functions.

5. UC Browser.

The UC browser for the Android gives you the fastest all-in-one Web experience. It is absolutely responsible for providing excellent searching, Browsing, downloading, Video and gaming experience at the fastest speeds. Set your hands on the UC Browser to feel the lightning speed.

6. Opera Browser


Opera Browser is the ultimate and best mobile web browser for the android phones and the tablets. It is indeed designed for the latest android devices. The opera really looks gorgeous, runs fast and comes across with a long list of various useful features installed. Just get it now and experience the unique features.


The new features of the Opera Browsers include a completely redesigned interface which is light, clean and bright. It has also some more responsive elements from the smart scroll bars to the automatic page sizing.

7. Boat Browser.

Boat Browser is absolutely smart, fast and one of the coolest web browser. It will bring to you the amazing premium web experience. It is indeed full customizable and you can also change the buttons location as your wish.


There are many personalized themes to choose from along with several add-ons. Along with the toolbar customization you also get the power to personalize the background color.

8. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is used by nearly 600+ million users. It is also considered as one of the fastest and smartest mobile web browser. It can be used for both the phone and the tablet. It is fast, secure and is quite easy to use. It also offers you with the fastest download speed.

9. Naked Browser

It uses a minimal user interface to conserve the resources. If at all you do not like the screenshots or you are simply not interested in learning a new interface than you may not use it though.

10. Puffin Browser

It is a wicked fast mobile flash browser. Once the users experiences the very thrill of using Puffin they will consider the regular mobile internet to be quite torture. It is the free version of the puffin family and it also supports the Adobe Flash during the daytime almost every day.

11. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin for the android actually makes the mobile browsing easy, by surfing the web with the personalized home scree along with the voice and the gesture control. It is indeed the top notch web browser on the Android Market. There also have been over 10 million downloads on the Android and the iOS.

Most of these web browser are compatible with Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat and latest Lollipop version of Android.