Best Fitness Apps for Android

If you love to stay healthy and fit, you should make working out an inseparable part of your life. You can take full advantage of your Android smart phone while you are working out by installing fitness applications on your device. There are many fitness apps available for Android devices which will help you in staying motivated, tracking your workouts and lots more. Have a look at the best fitness apps for android devices.

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Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is the first app which makes it to our list. The app works as your personal workout trainer and will help you in staying fit. Workout Trainer comes with both free and premium workout plans. Set your goals and once you achieve your goals you will get notified by Workout Trainer. To understand all the exercises you can view the photos and videos in the app. The app comes with home screen widget where you will see daily exercises and workouts. The app is having a strong community of 15 million users. Workout Trainer is available for free at Google Play Store.

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Garmin Viewer Lite

Garmin Viewer Lite is the second app which makes it to our list. The app tracks all your routes and rides and will also display all your statistics. You can check your workout record with the help of inbuilt graphs in the app. You can also check your heart rate, pace, cadence and speed with the help of graphs in Garmin Viewer Lite. The app also comes with Garmin Swim support which will analyze your swim workouts. There are both free and premium versions of the app which you can download from Google Play Store.


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Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal

You need to keep track of your diet while you are working out. If you eat a lot of calories, your workouts won’t be effective. Calorie Counter helps in determining the calorie intake of all the foods. The app comes with database of around 2,000,000 foods. You can easily view how many calories your consumed in a day with the help of this app. Scan the barcode of products and the calories present in particular meal will be displayed. One of the best features of this app is that you can add multiple items in it. There is no other app with the option to add multiple items. Calorie Counter – My fitness Pal is available for free at Google Play Store.

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Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log

To keep track of your daily workouts Fitocracy is the ideal app for you. The workout tracker of the app will track your daily workouts and you will get points for using the workout tracker. Collected points will help you in increasing your level. You can also complete quests in order to increase your level. You can interact with other people using Fitocracy and become friends with them, share and get tips from them and lots more. You can download Fitocracy for free from Google Play Store.

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