Best Android Apps for transferring data over Wi-Fi

Cables create a lot of mess. If you want to transfer any file weather it is a photo or a movie clip to your Android device you might be using a USB connection for it, but now you can stop the old method and use the advanced Wi-Fi technology to transfer data. With the help of special apps you can transfer files from your PC to your Android device using Wi-Fi connection. Have a look at the best android apps for transferring data over wi-fi.

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AirDroid is the first application which makes to our list. You can access, manage and do lot more on your Android device using your PC with the help of Airdroid. Just install airdroid both on your computer and Android device and you are ready to go. You will get all the notifications, calls, and messages on your computer which you receive on your Android device with the help of Air droid. With the help of any network you can transfer data from your PC to your Android device. Setting up airdroid is very simple. Just install the app both on your PC and Android device and register your account. You will be given an IP address. Type the IP address in the browser window of your PC and you will be able to manage your Android device.

Air Droid Google Play Link


WiFi File Explorer

WiFi File Explorer is the second application which makes to our list. The app is similar to air droid as you will be allotted an IP address and with the help of your web browser you can manage your Android device. There are both free and premium versions of the app. For quick viewing of all the pictures and data available in your device you can use the thumbnail view. You will get all the basic things in the free version of the app however you will get advanced features in the pro version of the app such as copying multiple files and much more.

WiFi File Explorer Google Play Link

Solid Explorer

Making to third position is Solid Explorer. The app transfers data over Wi-Fi with the help of an FTP connection. When you have installed the app on your device, open the menu of the app and you will come across file sharing option. Once you have selected the file sharing option, a FTP server will be created and you will be given a valid address for the same. Use the address in your web browser to manage your Android device and transfer data. The app comes with a 14 day free trial and after that you have to pay a fee of $1.99 for using the app.

Solid Explorer File Manager Google Play Link

These were the best Android apps which you can use for transferring data over Wi-Fi. If you are using any other app please use the comments section to share it with us.