Beach Buggy Blitz for PC(WINDOWS 7/8, MAC)

If you love racing games give a try to Beach Buggy blitz, a racing game available for Android smartphones and tablets which will take you to a journey which will never end. Drive as fast as you can collect all the checkpoints in Beach Buggy. There are different cars to choose from in the game and all the cars come with different power ups. Add upgrades to your vehicles so that you can increase the performance of your vehicle.


There are different characters in the game and you can choose one as per your preference. Different characters come with special powers. You can download the game for free on your Android smartphone and tablet from Google Play however if you want to play Beach Buggy Blitz on your PC you need to install Bluestacks. We will share the method using which you can play beach buggy on your PC.

Beach Buggy Blitz for PC(WINDOWS 7/8, MAC)

Features of Beach Buggy Blitz for PC

  • You can drive as much as you can in beach buggy blitz. You will never run short of places to visit the game. The game is all set in tropical beach and as you progress in the game you will come across new locations.
  • There are different vehicles which you will find in beach buggy blitz. All the vehicles have their special abilities. Collect coins in the game so that you can use those coins to add upgrades to your vehicle. Not only you will get normal cars in the game but you can also try sports cars and monster trucks in beach buggy.
  • The controls are very easy. You can either use touch controls or try the tilt controls in the game.


  • The graphics of the game are really amazing and the environment in which the game is set is also amazing.
  • If your device comes with a quad core processor you will get special effects. Some of the effects which you will find are motion blur, dynamic headlights in caves, lens splash and many other.
  • You can use many different power ups in the game. When you are driving your vehicle in beach buggy blitz you will come across many power ups. Collect these power ups as they will help you in covering longer distances. To increase the usage time of these power ups you can use coins.
  • There is not a single environment in the game. Encounter different environments in beach buggy which come with different obstacles.

How to Play Beach Buggy Blitz on PC

For playing Beach Buggy Blitz on your PC you need a special software installed on your device. This software is actually an Android Emulator which serves the purpose of running all Android games and apps on your Windows/MAC powered Pc’s. There are two different Android emulators which are Andy and Bluestacks.


These both emulators will help you in running all Android games and apps on your PC. Download and Install Andy Emulator or Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC. Once you have installed the software follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the emulator you installed and then configure it.
  • Use the Search Option to find Beach Buggy Blitz.
  • Download and Install the game.
  • You are ready to play Beach Buggy Blitz on your PC.