11 Best Android Video Players(Windows 7/8 & Mac)

We all know that in the most of the cases the Android phones are actually on a great demand. Almost everyone in this world is using them. In this Android OS you can easily enjoy the high quality videos simply by using the best video players that are available for the android.

It goes without saying that the android users totally enjoy watching movies if they have large screen phones. Most often they see the movies using the video players that are already provided by the android phones. If in any case you are actually not satisfied with the inbuilt video player you can try other videos given in this list.

1. MX Player

MX Player

MX Player is indeed the best way to enjoy all your movies. With the help of its Hardware decoder you can apply all its Hardware acceleration to more and more videos. You can also easily zoom in and zoom out by pinching and swiping across the screen. Zoom and Pan is also available by option.

2. VLC

VLC media is a free and even open source cross platform video or multimedia player which definitely plays most of the files. Apart from the files it also plays discs, devices and the network streaming products. It would also be having access to the Device and app history to be able to read logs, during the beta just to understand the crashes and the issues.

3. Video Player for Android

It is undoubtedly the easiest video player in the market available for the android. Its intelligent detection adaptive algorithm makes it more convenient for you to enjoy smoother and better quality videos.

It nearly supports all popular video formats including the AVI, 3GP, M4V and many others. It also uses the hardware decoding which basically makes the video to play smoother.

4. KM Player

You must know that by using the KMP connect with the chromecast you can easily watch the video on your computer to the TV. You can easily connect your PC to your KMPlayer mobile app. KMPlayer is also among the world’s best player and it is choosen by almost 300 million people.

5. Video Player ultimate (HD)

Video Player Ultimate


It is indeed one of the best video-player in the android market. This popular player plays almost all the video formats. It also uses hardware decoding which makes the video playing smoother.

6.  HD Video Player

It is one of the easiest android phone video-player. It is having some powerful decoding capabilities to easily support, for you, to play the videos.  The supported video formats are avi, m4v, mp4, wmv and many others. It has the automatic functionality of identifying all the video files in the phones.

7. FLV HD MP4 Video Player

FLV MP$ Player

It is one of the most fast, stable and functional video player. It is used for playing all the FLV files including the HD ones. It can also play some MP4 files. When you have this application you need not require any flash player.

8. ALLPlayer Video Player

AllPlayer is one of the most popular and the only player which is generally downloaded for watching the movies on the personal computers. This player is also available for the Android mobile devices. It also helps you play the video files of all the formats.

9. Super Video Player

It is indeed one of the easiest and the best video player in the market. The Android Video Player is currently the easiest-to-use video player with its super intelligent detection adaptive algorithm.

10. Video Player by Mobosoft

It is the 10th one in the list. It is also one of the best video player for the android platform. It is quite simple and easy to use. You can simply enjoy the smooth playback of the video.

11. VPlayer Video Player

V PLayer

VPlayer 3.x is actually the next generation of Vplayer with new design. You can watch videos with HW accelerated decoding. You can also play the YouTube.com videos directly in VPlayer.